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Some Tours a Hit and Miss
Really just stunning. We enjoyed every moment of our holiday. We went on a few tours and the only that we didn't enjoy was to Fern Grotto. It wasn't quite worth the cost and there wasn't much to see. That said, Kauai's Grand Canyon is a must!
Posted on 21/2/2012 by Claire Walter

Beauty and Romance at Every Turn
We've been looking forward to this trip to Hawaii for ages. Out all of the islands, Kauai was our favourite. Relatively small, most of the island life is located along the coastline around the island while impressive and luscious green mountain ranges occupy its centre. The beaches are just a tiny bit quieter here. We had one of our best nights in Hanlei Bay - plenty of opportunities for romantic couple time here.
Posted on 14/6/2011 by Jessie R

Not a Gangsta's Paradise
Kauai does feel more like a honeymoon location than anything else, but we still had fun with just the guys. We chartered a boat and did some deep sea fishing which was the highlight of our trip. A few of us also spent the day hiking in Waimea Canyon. Good times though could do with a bit more off the beaten track sort of things - everything is manmade, ready to go for you.
Posted 16/3/2011 by Jeff Lowery

Re. Great Beach Food and Scenes
We had a small wedding at The Beach House - they did a really nice job though we would have liked to have a better photographer. Prices were reasonable too!
Posted on 25/8/2010 by Paul Mortimer

Great Beach Food and Scenes
It was raining when I was there, so not so nice, but I got to know some of the people in the local restaurants who were sweet. The Beach House Restaurant was my favourite food splurge - please go.
Posted on 31/7/2010 by Laila Persson

An Island Animal Reserve
My favourite place to visit was the Kilauea Point National Wildlife Refuge. Its mostly a refuge for birds, but of species like I've never seen before. It is closed on holidays, but worth the wait.
Posted 09/11/2009 by Anna T