Kauai Beaches, Coastline, Surfing and Water Sports

(Kauai, Hawaii - HI, USA)

Beachfront photographThere are some truly tropical beaches on Kauai, which are typically Hawaiian in their appearance, with palm trees, glorious sweeping crescents of sand, and turquoise waves lapping against the shore. Kee Beach is amongst the most popular on Kauai and is conveniently located next to the start of the highly acclaimed Kalalau Trail.

With over 225 km / 140 miles of beautiful coastline, there are actually more beaches located on Kauai than on any of the other actual islands of Hawaii, offering much more than just a nice place to sunbathe. However, those looking to swim, snorkel, scuba dive, surf or even try their hand at sea kayaking around Kauai Beaches should bear in mind that the conditions can change and waves can soon swell up, particularly during the summer season.

Many of the island's beaches are a good place for Kauai vacation rentals, offering scenic locations amidst local communities. Situated on the southern coast, the Waikomo Stream and Nihi Kai villas are both based around the inviting Koloa and Poipu resort areas, close to various shops and restaurants, while on the northern shore, Kilauea, Hanalei and Princeville are all good places to base yourself for a Hawaiian beach holiday.

List of the most popular beach parks and resorts