Kauai Maps and Orientation

(Kauai, Hawaii - HI, USA)

Coastal photo of Kauai, taken from high aboveOne of Hawaii's four major islands, along with Maui, Oahu an the Big Island, Kauai enjoys a very undeveloped appearance, with many areas of extreme natural beauty. Kauai is also the oldest of the islands of Hawaii and is home to some stunning features, including its dominating volcanic peak of Mount Waialeale, and also its wondrous Na Pali shoreline and Waimea Canyon.

Maps of Kauai will clearly illustrate how different is island is to the others in Hawaii. The road structure remains quite basic, due in no small part to the natural obstacles which present themselves. Those driving along the island's southern coastline to reach the Waimea Canyon will only have a choice of either continuing along basic dirt roads towards the Polihale Beach, or simply turning back. A similar situation is apparent on the northern side of Kauai, on the road leading to Princeville.

Maps and Orientation of the Island

In general, Kauai is divided into five regions: the North Shore (home to the Na Pali Coast and Hanalei Bay), the West Side (containing the Waimea Canyon and the Polihale Heiau), the South Shore (with the beaches of Mahaulepu and Poipu), the Lihue-Wailua region, and the Coconut Coast.

Lihue is the island capital and can be found on the south-eastern side of Kauai. The Kauai Visitors Bureau is located here and is a good place to pick up island maps and brochures. Other notable towns include:

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