Scottsdale Property Market and Real Estate Guide

(Scottsdale, Arizona - AZ, USA)

At first glance, this is no more than a satellite town of nearby Phoenix, but Scottsdale is actually its own entity. It has plenty of history and, most of all, is a fine setting between the Tonto National Forest and the Arizona capital. Scottsdale is most popular with retirees and winter vacationers looking for sunny weather.

The 'West's most Western town' is especially known for its luxury resorts that cater to the winter masses escaping the northern winters. The sun shines here year-round and Scottsdale has direct access to Phoenix, coming with an array of golf courses and other green areas.

Prices here are in line with those in Phoenix for houses, although serviced apartments are significantly more expensive over the winter. Prices for property in Scottsdale are generally around twice the national average. The best areas to be based are in the old downtown area, where there is good shopping and eating, plus there is also a fantastic amount of parkland to back onto in all directions.

Renting Serviced Apartments

Monthly deals can be had on serviced apartments in Scottsdale, but you will invariably pay over the odds and need to book way in advance. Six monthly and annual leases naturally have the best deals. Not surprisingly, rates go up considerably in the winter months.

The best of the serviced apartments in Scottsdale are in and around downtown and towards Papago Park, where they usually come with all modern conveniences and a maid service. Expect to pay a similar price to a comparable star-rated hotel.

Buying Apartments and Houses

Prices for apartments and houses in Scottsdale decreased significantly after the economic downturn, yet sales rose. Some of the top places to buy include 5th Avenue, the Main Street Arts District, and Old Town Scottsdale, while pockets of urban areas can be found all around the town and are usually associated with a park.

There are minimal hassles with foreigners buying apartments and houses in Scottsdale, though securing mortgages is tougher. Seven percent on top for taxes and fees is about the norm, and it is suggested that you use an estate agent.

Real Estate Agents

There are many high quality, well-established estate agents in Scottsdale and going this route is the surest way to acquire property. Those in the city are generally familiar with securing the deed of sale and related paperwork for a non-US buyer, which might include some background checks and stipulations. Of note, sellers pay agents' fees.

Check out these Scottsdale realtors and real estate agents:

MoJo Realty
Address: 8563 East San Alberto Drive, Scottsdale, Arizona AZ, 85258, USA
Tel: +1 602 373 0746
MoJo Realty has two knowledgeable estate agents with several years of experience of dealing in Scottsdale property.

Sandra Wilken Luxury Properties
Address: 8777 North Gainey Center Drive, Suite 178, Scottsdale, Arizona AZ, 85258, USA
Tel: +1 480 596 0001
Serving the 'Valley of the Sun' area (which includes Scottsdale) Sandra Wilken Luxury Properties deals exclusively in high quality homes.

Phoenix Homes Team
Address: 10607 North Hayden Road, Suite 100, Scottsdale, Arizona AZ, 85260, USA
Tel: +1 602 404 9700
Phoenix Homes Team has a quality portfolio especially in this part of the 'Valley of the Sun'.