Scottsdale Neighborhoods, Locations and Districts

(Scottsdale, Arizona - AZ, USA)

Scottsdale is known as 'the West's most Western town', but has now been swallowed by the urban sprawl of Phoenix and has become part of the greater Phoenix metropolitan area, known locally as the 'Valley of the Sun'. Located northeast of downtown Phoenix, Scottsdale is home to numerous luxury resorts catering for those looking to escape the cold northern winters, giving it the nickname of 'Resort Row'.

Locals and visitors alike flock to Scottsdale's charming 19th-century downtown area for boutique shopping, art galleries and fantastic dining. The number of golf courses here makes it hard to believe you're in the middle of the desert. Here are Scottsdale's main districts and regions.

5th Avenue District

Scottsdale's famous shopping strip is bursting with interesting arts and crafts shops, chic boutiques and a range of specialty shops. The 5th Avenue District of Scottsdale gets particularly busy on weekends, as locals like to hang out here rather than go into Phoenix.

Old Town Scottsdale District

One of the best places in the city to experience the Old West charm of Scottsdale, Old Town features well-preserved storefronts, wooden sidewalks and souvenir stalls in abundance.

Main Street Arts District

This is Scottsdale's premier arts district, bursting with a myriad of art galleries showcasing a wide range of styles. Scottsdale's Main Street Arts area has a decidedly relaxed atmosphere about it, which is part of its attraction.

Marshall Way Arts District

In the Marshall Way Arts district of Scottsdale you will find predominantly contemporary artwork, along with upscale gift and jewelry stores. This area can be quite trendy and expensive, but also a fun place to window shop, and if you look hard enough you can discover some wonderful, charming little shops.