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(Phoenix, Arizona - AZ, USA)

As the largest city in the Southwest and a popular tourist destination for people escaping the cold northern winters, travel to and from Phoenix is a relatively easy affair. The I-10 connects the city with destinations both east and west, while the I-17 heads north to Flagstaff. Sky Harbor Airport is located just minutes from downtown Phoenix and services frequent flights to and from destinations across the country, as well as numerous trans-Atlantic travel and transport options.

The best way to travel around this sprawling city is to hire a car, as parking is cheap and plentiful, while limited bus services and public transport options are of some use in downtown Phoenix, around the Arizona State University and in Scottsdale.

Sky Harbor International Airport (PXH) / Arriving by Air

Located just 3 miles / 5 km southeast of downtown Phoenix, Sky Harbor International Airport is one of the busiest airports in the country, with its three terminals servicing flights across the US as well as flights to Canada, Mexico and the UK. Free 24-hour buses connect the three terminals, while shuttle services are available for transfer to resorts and hotels throughout the metropolitan area. The Red Line, operated by Valley Metro, provides daily travel and transport from pre-dawn to after midnight, between the airport and downtown Phoenix, Tempe and Mesa. Taxis and car hire are also available at the airport, providing convenient travel options. For further information, please refer to the Phoenix Airport page.

Phoenix Airports Guide

Car Rental

Given the size of the Phoenix metropolitan area and the worthwhile nearby attractions, hiring a car is the best way to travel around and make the most of your time here. Rates are cheap and Phoenix is a major a tourist destination, with numerous car rental and transport companies throughout the city, as well as at the airport. The city is connected to the West Coast by I-10, which provides travel towards the east connecting Phoenix with cities such as El Paso and Tucson. The I-40 starts in California and links up with Flagstaff and I-17 south to Phoenix.

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Buses and Coaches

Bus travel in Phoenix is geared towards commuters and is of little use to tourists. However, the free Downtown Area Shuttle, or DASH, connects several popular attractions, while Free Local Area Shuttle, or FLASH, buses offer a similar service around Arizona State University. The Scottsdale Trolley service is useful for shoppers in Phoenix and Greyhound offers regular coach travel services to major destinations across the country, arriving and departing from the Greyhound terminal near the airport.


There are no direct rail services that travel into Phoenix, although Amtrak offers services to both Flagstaff and Tucson, from where passengers can board connecting Amtrak buses for the final leg into Phoenix - definitely not the easiest way to get here.


Taxis are available throughout the city and travel to all destinations in Phoenix, although due to the relatively long distances between some attractions, fares can be expensive. Yellow Cab and Scottsdale Cab are both popular taxi companies.