Fairbanks Photos

(Fairbanks, Alaska - AK, USA)

Photo Gallery

View of the breathtaking Aurora Borealis / Northern Lights, a common sight from September to May.

Further view of the area's Aurora Borealis, with colors entirely dependent on the current atmospheric conditions.

Scenic view of the Chena River banks and surrounding areas.

Close-up view of the Eskimo family statue in the city center.

View of the Milepost Circle, where the distances and directions of major cities around the world are shown in 'road miles'.

View of railroad at Pioneer Park, a popular attraction for all ages.

Riverboat Discovery cruises, a relaxing way to view the scenery around Chena and Tanana rivers.

Onboard the riverboat cruise, a traditional Alaskan sternwheeler boat.

View of the typical scenery along the riverboat tour.

View of the Pikes Landing area, where the riverboat cruises depart.

Part of the vast University of Alaska, an important area of the city, with a notable vibrant nightlife.