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(Fairbanks, Alaska - AK, USA)

Fairbanks is situated almost 200 miles / 320 km to the south of the Arctic Circle, in the state of Alaska (AK). As a result of its location, Fairbanks experiences tremendous extremes in seasonal temperatures. This is a low-rise city, home to many log cabins and the scenic Chena River.

The downtown district is centered around the Golden Heart Park and is the liveliest area of the city, where many seasonal events are held, such as the Ice Festival and numerous dog sled races. Cushman Street is the main thoroughfare in Fairbanks and in this area you will find a good selection of restaurants, bars, shops and hotels.

The city center of Fairbanks is fairly thinly populated, as mainly locals prefer to live on the outskirts of the city, close to the more scenic wilderness areas. Hotels in this district are the most conveniently located and the most expensive. Further accommodation can be found on the city's outskirts, in nearby towns and national parks, and also close to the Fairbanks International Airport (FAI), which is a favorite for business travelers visiting the city. More information about Fairbanks Hotels.

Most people choose to visit Fairbanks during the summer, between June through September, when the temperatures are at their warmest and the days are longest. Winters here are particularly cold, with short days and freezing weather, although the dark winter nights in Fairbanks are ideal for viewing the Aurora Borealis - a vibrant display of the magical Northern Lights.

Promoted by the local tourist bureau as 'extremely Alaska', Fairbanks has much to offer. The main tourism information center is the Log Cabin Visitors Center along First Avenue, which overlooks the Chena River and offers a range of information about the many tourist attractions in and around Fairbanks. Also, the Alaska Public Lands Information Center on Cushman Street features maps, exhibits and general information about the parks and wildlife conservation areas around the city.

Major tourist attractions in the Fairbanks area include Pioneer Park - a popular Alaskan theme park offering a wealth of attractions and entertainment, plus tours of an authentic village; Riverboat Discovery - a spectacular river cruise, where visitors can stop off and experience the lifestyle of a traditional Native Alaskan village; and Chena Hot Springs - situated 60 miles / 96 km from Fairbanks, featuring impressive hot spring pools and outdoor bathing. More information about Fairbanks Tourist Attractions.

Some of the main museums in Fairbanks include the University of Alaska's Museum of the North - providing a wealth of impressive exhibits; the Fairbanks Ice Museum - featuring an abundance of spectacular ice carvings; and the Alaskaland Pioneer Air Museum - celebrating the birthplace of aviation in Alaska. More information about Fairbanks Museums.

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