Jasper Restaurants and Dining

(Jasper, Alberta - AB, Canada)

Although not as extensive as larger towns are cities in Canada, the Jasper townsite offers a good selection of restaurants and dining options, and will not disappoint. Many of the main hotels and lodges in the Jasper area promote their own restaurants and dining rooms, which regularly attract both visitors and locals. As a major skiing resort, Jasper caters for the seasonal crowds and many bars and pubs offer a huge array of cheap eats.

Local coffee shops in Jasper are always popular dining venues for snacks, and the town even features several Internet cafés, where you can drink your coffee, eat your sandwich and check your email. Jasper also features a number of notable bakeries, serving freshly baked croissants, cakes and pastries, together with baguettes and sandwiches.

Opening Hours

Restaurants in Jasper follow the standard opening hours throughout Canada, although some dining establishments may vary according to the location and cuisine. Breakfast venues in Jasper open from 06:00 onwards, with a selection of food available, including waffles, bacon, eggs, muesli, muffins and freshly baked bread. Most coffee shops in downtown Jasper fill up between 08:00 and 09:00.

Lunchtime restaurants in Jasper begin serving brunch from 10:00 onwards, or open for lunch between 12:00 to 15:00. Although the town's eateries are popular throughout the day, restaurants in Jasper are particularly busy and lively at night time, where a party-like atmosphere is often present.

Places to Eat in Jasper

Many of the most notable restaurants in the Jasper townsite can be found in the center of the downtown district, close to shops, attractions and nightspots. Restaurants in downtown Jasper are particularly clustered around Connaught Drive and Patricia Street, which offer fine dining at a reasonable price. Chain fast-food restaurants are scarce in Jasper, with locals favoring more homely dining establishments, which specialize in steaks and grilled food. Seafood is also favored in restaurants throughout Jasper, where salmon, shrimps and trout are often enjoyed, especially at the Fiddle River Seafood restaurant along Connaught Drive, also featuring impressive views.

Most international cuisine is well catered from in Jasper and for lovers of Italian cuisine, the Jasper Pizza Place along Connaught Drive features a rooftop patio area and outstanding home-made pizzas and pasta dishes. If Greek food is more to your taste, head to Patricia Street, where the Kontos restaurant is worthy of a visit. With central Jasper being fairly compact, many restaurants and bars are just a short walk from hotels in the downtown district, meaning that late-night transport is often not necessary, although taxis can easily be arranged if required.