Jasper Property Market and Real Estate Guide

(Jasper, Alberta - AB, Canada)

Tucked into a glacial valley in Alberta's Rocky Mountains, Jasper is an exceptionally idyllic place to live. Residents bask in the perfect blend of the lightly developed but still charming town centre and the expansive Alpine countryside of the Jasper National Park.

Virtually everyone knows of Banff National Park, but fewer are acquainted with its sister park, Jasper, which boasts much of the same grandeur with significantly less commotion. The national park status guarantees that development is restrained, but it also drives property values up.

Those interested in buying property in Jasper will find condominiums and rustic, free-standing houses around the town centre. Real-estate prices are high, and it's not uncommon for a single-family home to sell for more than half a million Canadian dollars. Of course, the limitation on development means those properties that do exist appreciate nicely over time.

Renting Serviced Apartments

Most Jasper apartment accommodation features plenty of rustic furnishings, including special touches like vaulted pinewood ceilings and other trimmings. Serviced apartments go a step further than regular apartments and include all the furnishings a person could need, including a kitchenette and a sitting room.

Serviced apartments generally cost the same as mid-range hotels, but they usually offer better furnishings and more space. They are an excellent option for those who plan on staying for an extended period, but not long enough to warrant signing a lease and furnishing their own apartment.

Buying Apartments and Houses

One-bedroom apartments are available in the town centre, and prices are generally high due to the unique nature of local property laws. All property is technically leased from the government, with most homeowners paying a few thousand dollars in extra fees each year. This is included in the property tax bill.

Prospective property buyers have to keep this in mind, as their annual payment may be quite a bit more than they anticipate. At the time of purchase, other fees include a one to two percent transfer fee and five percent GST, which is added to the final sale price.

Only eligible residents can purchase property, and they have to arrange a 'need to reside' permit. A qualified realtor will help you determine your own eligibility, which is usually dependent on your employment relationship to Jasper.

Real Estate Agents

Be sure to seek a real estate agent when buying property in Jasper, especially if you are unsure of your eligibility to own property here. The city has a wide choice of reputable agents with comprehensive websites to choose from.

Check out the following Jasper real estate agents:

Moser Agencies Ltd
Address: 610 Connaught Street, Jasper, Alberta (AB), T0E 1E0, Canada
Tel: +1 780 852 7474
Email: info@realestatejasper.com
Website: www.realestatejasper.com
Moser Agencies is conveniently located in the centre of Jasper town.

Surfside Accommodation Management
Address: Hinton, Alberta (AB), T7V 1X8, Canada
Tel: +1 780 740 3260
Website: www.surfsideaccommodations.com
Surfside Accommodation specialises in fully furnished houses and apartments in Jasper.

Westcorp Properties
Address: 152 Tamarack Avenue, Hinton, Alberta (AB), T7V 1W2, Canada
Tel: +1 780 439 4957
Email: mail@westcorp.net
Website: www.westcorp.net
This agency connects investors with properties in the greater Jasper National Park area.