Tobago Shopping and Districts

(Tobago, Republic of Trinidad and Tobago)

Photo of stores and tourists at Crown PointThe shopping scene on the Caribbean island of Tobago very much revolves around its south-westerly capital of Scarborough and the neighbouring tourist resort of Crown Point, near to the famous Buccoo Reef. In particular, there is a large shopping mall (the Scarborough Mall) residing on the westerly outskirts of the town and across from the docks, which is extremely popular on Tobago and well worth searching out.

The Scarborough Mall is open throughout the week, being at its busiest on Fridays and over the weekend, and is a good place to pick up gifts, such as leather sandals and bags, carved coconuts and shells, straw baskets, and various other locally made handicrafts.

Beachfront picture

Where to Shop

In the same vicinity as the Scarborough Mall and near to the bus station and local cinema, the Scarborough Market is well known on Tobago and certainly is a shopper's paradise. Here you can try your hand at bargaining and will find everything from local produce, freshly caught fish and a very inviting atmosphere.

As well as both Scarborough and Crown Point, further shopping is to be found within Speyside, close to Pigeon Peak and on the northerly side of Tobago. Many tourists flock to Speyside for its natural beauty, village atmosphere and spectacular coral reefs, and shops tend to specialise in diving and snorkelling gear, and associated equipment.