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Re. Secluded bay
You lucky devil! Was quite full when I visited. Another one I would also suggest that doesn't get too busy is Castara Bay. Although you should hurry because world travels around fast.
Posted on 14/8/2011 by barfly

Secluded bay
Being from England, Englishman's Bay didn't take much to suck me in just from the name alone. When I arrived there though, I thought I had missed the party. It was completely deserted! Which is just what I wanted, if I'm honest. Ah, fond memories of lazing in the sand and in the sun without a care in the world. The typical Caribbean experience.
Posted on 21/4/2010 by Paul North

Re. Fantastic on all fronts
Which guide did you have? Was it Peter Cox? What a fountain of knowledge he was and glad to see a guide that takes pride in his/her job while not looking at their watch or mobile phone every few minutes!
Posted on 2/11/2009 by Sarah-Jane Bowman

Fantastic on all fronts
I couldn't quite believe it when I was told that the Tobago Forest Reserve was over 300 years old. What a job they've done! The guide we had was excellent and had been there quite some time. This is so unspolit they call it the 'virgin forest'. Plenty of wildlife too for the animal lovers and bird watchers will have to be dragged away when it's time to close up.
Posted on 23/2/2009 by Bill Sulley

Thank you
I want to thank taxi driver that said I must to go to Little Tobago. A small island away from main Tobago. Great scenery for me at the beach in Tyrell's Bay. Some days I have beach only me and cannot see tourist or local. Heaven!
Posted on 16/12/2008 by Molly of Germany