Lima Colonial Mansions

(Lima, Peru)

Photo taken in the Plaza de ArmasSpread around Lima is a series of attractive colonial mansions, which date from the 16th century onwards and provide the city with much character and undeniable glamour. The Palacio Torre Tagle is without question one of Lima's most famous of these mansions and boasts some very distinctive wooden balconies and stylish architecture, with a strong Moorish influence.

Also of note in Lima is the Casa Aliaga, which is another of the city's most prominent and historical colonial mansions, being constructed as long ago as 1535, on the actual site of an existing sanctuary. Still home to the Aliaga family, the Casa Aliaga is currently amongst the oldest mansions existing within the New World, and is to be found next to the Government Palace.

General Information

The main colonial mansions of Lima are as follows: