Lima Beaches, Coastline, Water Sports and Surfing

(Lima, Peru)

Lima Beachfront photoWhen the sun is shining down, there is no better place to be in Peru than relaxing on one of its many surrounding beaches, particularly if you have surfing on your agenda. The Costa Verde Beach Road in the Miraflores area of Lima is home to no less than four popular beaches (mainly pebbly) - Makaha, La Pampilla, Redondo and also Waikiki, the latter of which is not to be confused with Waikiki Beach in Honolulu.

Other prominent districts on the coast of Lima (Costa de Lima) include areas such as the Cerro Azul, Chorrillos, Costa Verde and also Barranco, which was actually one the city's most noteworthy beach resorts, although now is more of a bohemian neighbourhood favoured by artists more than beachgoers. The Bridge of Sighs (Puente de los Suspiros) leads to the pier and some excellent panoramas of the Pacific Ocean.

Further Lima beachfront imageEstablished in 1537, the Puerto del Callao is the biggest port in Peru and resides within the neighbouring city suburb of Callao. A small selection of mainly rocky beaches are located here in La Punta, together with a very beautiful pier and a group of nearby seafood restaurants.

Surfers head to this part of Peru from literally across the globe, to enjoy the exceptional and reliable year-round surfing opportunities offered by Lima's beaches. A wet suit is advisable for most of the year, although during the hot summer months of January, February and March, most surfers find a wet suit quite unnecessary.

Lima summer coastal picture

General Information

Some of the most popular beaches close to Lima are listed below:

Caballeros Beach (Playa Caballeros) - close to the Punta Hermosa and some 40 km / 25 miles to the south of Lima. Caballeros Beach is known for its right point break, which creates the ultimate in surfing - a hollow wave, perfect for 'tubing'.

La Pampilla Beach (Playa La Pampilla) - very suitable for more experienced surfers from Lima who are looking for strong waves. La Pampilla Beach is located just to the north of the Rosa Náutica Restaurant and its pier.

Makaha Beach (Playa Makaha) - perfect for beginner surfers, with an exposed reef and surfing instructors for those in need of a little friendly tuition.

Pico Alto Beach - some 43 km / 27 miles south of Lima, alongside Punta Hermosa, and where keen surfers will discover some of the biggest waves that Peru has to offer.

Punta Negra Beach (Playa Punta Negra) - a highly recommended resort offering extensive facilities, including umbrellas, plenty of places to eat, and some very large waves. International surfing competitions are often staged here and always draw huge crowds.

Punta Rocas Beach (Playa Punta Rocas) - just 3 km / 2 miles to the south of Punta Hermosa and part of the Punta Negra, this is a firm favourite with families holidaying in Lima, who tend to gather in the northern part of the beachfront.

Redondo Beach (Playa Redondo) - perfect for a nearby paddle, with sandy areas, shallow water and waves tending to break next to the main beach.

San Bartolo Beach (Playa San Bartolo) - ideal for novice surfers and known for its cheap accommodation, which is often close to the beachfront itself.

Senoritas Beach (Playa Senoritas) - near to Caballeros Beach and the Punta Hermosa, approximately 40 km / 25 miles from Lima and reached along the Pan-American Highway.

Silencio Beach (Playa El Silencio) - an exceptional expanse of coarse, white sand, curving around and offering an array of fun water sports. The summer months are particularly lively, with clubs and eateries quickly filling up.

Waikiki Beach (Playa Waikiki) - not usually overcrowded, although when the surfing conditions are perfect, keen surfers seem to arrive from all over Lima. The waves at Waikiki Beach are very consistent, although you may find parking a little difficult at times.