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Avenida Ircos Miraflores
Anyone visiting Lima should definitely take a walk at the Avenida Ircos Miraflores. It's a very busy and popular place. There are lots of places to eat and some nice ocean views. Peru is one of those places where there is no such thing as a bad meal! The Larcomar shopping centre is a useful place to know about. If you time your stroll just right, then you might even see some paragliders flying overhead. This isn't really the place to come for history, it's more for eating out, nightlife and socialising, as well as a bit of shopping.
Posted on 27/2/2013 by Jimi McGhee

Re: Perusing Peru
Ah yes, I visiting here as well, apparently the former President had collected nearly 50,000 pots from the 1920's, that is quite the hoarder! I really liked the uncluttered way in which artifacts were displayed here though.
Posted on 13/3/2011 by Tina

Perusing Peru
Lima, the largest city of Peru is essentially a desert. The densely populated capital is fun to be in a for a little while, I suggest heading to The Museao Rafael Larco Herrera, an 18th century mansion boasting large ceramic collections.
Posted on 13/3/2011 by Trevor

Re: Catacombs
Yes, you must visit here. It is the Monastaro De San Francisco and it is marvelous. Other things worth seeing in it is the Cupola, carved in 1629! Magical!
Posted on 03/3/2011 by Gina F

Did anyone visit the monastery that is famous for its bone-lined catacombs? Apparently it has a majestic library holding antique texts. I want to visit on my next stop over in Peru but I cannot remember the name of the place.
Posted on 03/2/2011 by P Forrest

An Institution
Thanks to a stranger on a rickety bus I ended up discovering my favourite place to eat in Lima. Described as a Lima institute my fellow traveler was not wrong. A 1905 built old-world dining hall greets you on entry. The best thing on the menu has to be the tacu-tacu but you will want to come back and sample the menu in detail; finding your own favourite.
Posted on 05/3/2011 by Hannah Dougherty