Lima Shopping and Districts

(Lima, Peru)

Central view of local streetThere is plenty in the way of shopping awaiting you in Lima, which is hardly a surprise considering its size and status in Peru. However, when you are out shopping in Lima, you will soon discover that this is one of the more expensive Peruvian cities, and clothing, leather shoes, local handicrafts, jewellery and surfing gear all do come at a price.

Whilst shops in Lima do have high prices, many will happily accept payment in US dollars. Alternatively, those who like a little haggling will enjoy spending time strolling around one of Lima's numerous craft markets, where a morning's shopping is likely to be a highlight of any holiday.

Market photo

Where to Shop

The city of Lima is large and spreading, and a number of different shopping districts have naturally developed in the main neighbourhoods. Miraflores remains a particularly important commercial area in Lima and contains a number of markets, such as the Mercado del Indios on the Avenida Petit Thouars, close to the Parque Miranda.

Also in Miraflores is the rather unusual LarcoMar, a small shopping mall on the Malecon de la Reserva, which stands nearby the Parque Salzar and has actually been built into the cliffs.

Picture of shoppers in the citySan Isidro is another very noteworthy district and the indoor Camino Real mall is amongst the biggest and flashiest that the city currently has to offer. Close to the Lima Golf Club and the Huaca Huallamarca attraction, the Camino Real shopping centre is located on the Belaunde, close to the iPeru tourist office.

Head to the north-west until you reach Lima's Monterrico area and it won't be long until you encounter the Jockey Plaza. This enormous shopping mall is sited on the Javier Prado, within walking distance of the Hipodromo de Monterrico and the Avenida El Pollo. The Jockey Plaza complex boasts a number of department stores, a popular food court, many small speciality stores and even its very own cinema.