Getting Around, Ayacucho Travel, Transport and Car Rental

(Ayacucho, Peru)

Aerial cityscape pictureA range of bus transport is on hand around Ayacucho, to whisk you to your chosen destination and allow you to travel without great expense. Frequent buses arrive and depart from a range of different bus terminals, both by day and night, which are rather confusingly spread around Ayacucho, although fairly close to each other.

If you are intending to travel northwards (to Huancayo) or southwards (to Abancay, Andahuaylas or Cusco), to reach some of the more prominent Andean towns, then bus transport will be a little more difficult and you should expect to experience delays and dusty roads. To the north-west of Ayacucho, Huancavelica is especially difficult to travel to by bus, and you will need to first head to Julcamarca early in the morning, and then catch a minibus to Lircay and finally another to Huancavelica.

Coronel FAP Alfredo Mendivil Duarte Airport (AYP) photo

Coronel FAP Alfredo Mendivil Duarte Airport (AYP) / Arriving by Air

The city of Ayacucho is well served by the Coronel FAP Alfredo Mendivil Duarte Airport, which is just 4 km / 2. 5 miles from the centre and connected by inexpensive taxi transport. Domestic airlines, such as LC Busre, regularly fly northwards to the Jorge Chávez International Airport in Peru's capital city of Lima. Be warned the flight times are often subject to change with very little notice, and so always be prepared and keep an eye on the latest flight times and schedules.

City view

Car Rental

Rather than the more usual renting of a car on holiday, many tourists choose to hire cars or taxis, complete with their own driver for the day, or even week. This is a surprisingly cheap option and allows the freedom to enjoy some rather impromptu day trips or similar excursions around. If you do choose to rent a car to drive yourself, you will need to be at least 25 years old, and bring a current driving licence and valid passport. Be warned though, the roads of Peru can be very uneven and known for their lack of signposts.

Further city image, taken from high above

Buses and Coaches

Highway 24 is an important regional artery and ensures that it is very straightforward and fast to travel to the Peruvian capital of Lima onboard a bus (nine hours), passing through the Andes, Pisco and Rumichaca along the way. However, don't pick the cheapest bus, the more you pay, the more reliable and comfortable the journey will be. Those travelling from Ayacucho to Lima won't regret using the Empresa Molina bus company, which is always a good transport option and based on the 9 de Diciembre.


Taxis are never far from hand in Ayacucho and always very much suited for shorter trips, particularly for those travelling to and from the airport and outlying attractions. Always make sure that you use official taxis at all times. These can be spotted by the signs on the top of the cabs.