Ayacucho Hotels and Accommodation

(Ayacucho, Peru)

Picture of the Plaza de ArmasSince the 1990s, the tourism scene in Ayacucho has been somewhat revived, giving a whole new lease of life to the city's hotels and various accommodation options. In total, there are no more than 50 different hotels and 'hospedajes' (family-run inns), providing lodging for all price brackets.

Most of these hotels and guesthouses tend to be on the small side and fairly basic, although the big advantage is that they are far from expensive. However, during the Easter celebrations of Semana Santa (Holy Week), accommodation rates rise steeply, often by more than 50 percent.

Different view of the Plaza de Armas

Where to Stay

Whilst there may not be the quantity of hotels to choose from when compared to some cities in Peru, the choice of accommodation in Ayacucho is more than adequate. For backpackers, budget lodging includes the Hostal Huamanga on the Bellido, and also the Hotel San Francisco on the Callao, and the very popular Colmena Hotel, which is conveniently close to the Plaza de Armas.

However, when making enquiries about cheap hotels in Ayacucho, you may like to check if hot showers are available throughout the day, as this is not always the case.

Central photo of the Plaza de ArmasThe next bracket of hotels in Ayacucho falls into the mid-range category and offers a noticeably higher standard of accommodation. One of the hotels that arrived in the 1990s, the Santa Maria is an excellent option and lies on the western side of the Plaza de Armas, being just a stone's throw from the Prefectura and the Iglesia de San Francisco de Paula.

For a taste of luxury accommodation, the Ayacucho Hotel Plaza on the Diciembre is hard to better, boasting colonial-style architecture and a number of balconies overlooking the plaza.