Ayacucho Shopping and Districts

(Ayacucho, Peru)

Photo of tourists in the city centreThe shopping scene in Ayacucho is well known for is local handicrafts, such as colourful wall carpets, detailed weavings, alabaster figurines, carved chess sets, truly unique candles and ornate 'retablos' (detailed wooden Andean boxes). For an idea of the various products historically produced in the region, pay a visit to the city's noteworthy Museo de Arte Popular Joaquin López Antay. Alternatively, a number of local artisans in Ayacucho will be happy to show visitors around their industrious workshops, and a list of these attractions is available at the tourist centre.

The shopping around the Santa Ana district (Barrio Santa Ana) is especially well developed and craft works are easy to come by in this area of Ayacucho, being grouped around the Plaza Santa Ana. If you are able to buy directly from these workshops, you will be able to enjoy savings, when compared to the prices in local gift shops.

Further central view

Where to Shop

The Centro Turistico Cultural San Cristobal on the 28 de Julio is an appealing colonial building and now also serves as a small shopping mall, with various eateries standing alongside art galleries, flower stalls and interesting craft outlets.

If you have time and are looking for quality souvenirs, then head to the daily Craft Market on the Independencia, or to the nearby village of Quinua, where both retablos and ceramic churches are produced in great quantities.