Sorrento Shopping and Districts

(Sorrento, Campania, Italy)

Photo of tourists strolling around the Piazza TassoThe shopping scene is Sorrento is always fun and extremely enjoyable. Visitors will find themselves squeezing through the bustling pedestrianised alleyways, laden with their shopping bags and stopping off at one of Sorrento's many coffee shops along the way.

Although central Sorrento is relatively small in city terms, the choice of shops is a pleasant surprise and you will easily be able to find some affordable gifts and memories to take back home to remind you of your Italian excursion. Popular souvenirs include locally made handicrafts, ceramics, silver and coral jewellery, leather goods, citrus flavoured 'Limoncello' liqueurs and sweets, olive oil, and some attractive figurines.

Further view of crowds in the Piazza Tasso

Where to Shop

Good shopping opportunities in Sorrento lie along the Corso Italia, which is a major thoroughfare and lined with an eclectic array of shops, the majority of which target the tourist market, often selling goods decorated in pictures of bright yellow lemons.

The Corso Italia is also home to both banks and supermarkets.

Picture showing the Piazza Tasso and surrounding storesHead to the north of the Corso Italia and you will find further window shopping to while away an afternoon, although do wear sensible shoes, particularly as the streets are often covered in cobblestones.

There are also a number of good shops located to the west of Sorrento's central Piazza Tasso - look out for the marquetry items and beautifully embroidered lace works, particularly along the Viale Enrico Caruso.