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Sorrento's hotspot
I can confirm that the Piazza Tasso is THE place to be in Sorrento while also being the town's main landmark. This is the place people like to see yet also be seen and is full of charming personalities. All the usual gems you would find in an Italian piazza - designer boutiques, gelato stands, cafes, and all the rest of it.
Posted on 19/3/2012 by Rayleigh Dransfield

Its produce tastes great
We decided to spend an afternoon at I Giardini di Cataldo garden and winery around half a mile from our accommodation in the centre of Sorrento. We took a local English-speaking guide with us to overcome the language barrier and always felt welcome. The products of the winery are fantastic should you wish to take some away with you.
Posted on 14/12/2011 by Alexandra Cole

Give it a try
I studied Italian at university and am still pretty up-to-spec with the language even to this day, which meant I felt adventurous enough to give the Teatro Tasso theatre in Sorrento a try one evening. There was a Golondi play on the night I went to the theatre, but I saw some productions on the bill that even non-Italian speakers will be able to get along with.
Posted on 18/2/2010 by Tom Hardingsworth

Re. By the seaside
Mr Hardman. I believe you are thinking about Punta del Capo, isn't it? It is a walk out of Sorrento, sure. There has beach and excellent seafood, I prefer it to the marina. You can understand also that it's not so busy as the marina!
Posted on 18/11/2009 by Roberto Ciccini

By the seaside
The Marina in Sorrento gave me everything I expected from an Italian seaside town and its beach was my favourite. Because of the Marina's age, there are plenty of attractions in and around it that are famous historic sites. Unfortunately I don't recall the name of the area that also has a beach but is a little out of town.
Posted on 31/10/2009 by Linden Hardman