Sorrento Hotels and Accommodation

(Sorrento, Campania, Italy)

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Photo of resort poolThere is usually plenty of accommodation to go round in Sorrento, although hotels should generally be booked in advance should you intend to holiday here during the peak summer season, or in November, when the city's annual Film Festival takes place. The majority of the lodging options are based around the centre of Sorrento, on the Corso Italia and around the Piazzo Tasso, with further hotels also being especially concentrated along the westerly coastal road of the Via Capo.

Most hotels are reasonably priced, although the summer can see a slight raise in room rates, to meet additional demands. However, budget accommodation is on hand and provided by Le Sirene, a private youth hostel with double rooms, situated on the Via degli Aranci. If camping is more your style, then the nearest campsite is the Nube d'Argento, which is to be found on the Cia Capo and close to the Hotel Elios.

Picture of resort complex and outdoor swimming pool

Where to Stay

Those planning to stay in Sorrento and looking for accommodation with a view should seriously consider staying at the historic Hotel Loreley et Londres, where the best rooms overlook the Bay of Naples and even Mount Vesuvius. Alternatively, the sea views at the Hotel Désiré on the Via Capo also come highly recommended.

One of the grandest and most famous places to stay in Sorrento is the Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria, which occupies a central position in the very heart of the city, on the Piazza Tasso. Built on the site on an actual Roman villa, the Vittoria is clearly proud of its Roman heritage and features a particularly grand marble staircase and elaborate mosaic floors.