Attractions Nearby Kos and Island Hopping

(Kos, Dodecanese, Greece)

Picture of Matala Beach in CreteThe island of Kos contains more than its fair share of beach-related attractions and sights to see. However, many holiday makers find that island hopping great way to spend a day or two, with many quality attractions being just a relatively short ferry trip from Kos, on Greek islands such as Agathonisi, Kalymnos, Leros, Lipsi, Patmos and also Rhodes, amongst many others within the Aegean Sea.

During the high season, regular hydrofoils whisk passengers off on enjoyable excursions, and few come more memorable than a visit to the ancient Minoan attractions on Crete. Most boats depart from the harbour of Kos Town, with some day trips even connecting the nearby coastline of Turkey, where Bodrum makes for a different day out, although you will need to bring your passport.

Close-up photo of Crete's unusual Matala Beach


Crete is a spectacular island with some truly ancient attractions and temples. From Kos, you will most likely find the easiest way to reach Crete is by taking a ferry to Rhodes, and then catching a further ferry to the island of Kos itself. Once on Crete, plan your time carefully and choose between sights such as the Minoan Palaces of Knossos, the hiking trails through the vast Samaria Gorge, and the southerly beach resorts around Rethymno.

Aerial view of Agathonisi


Something perhaps for only the most serious of island hoppers, Agathonisi is around two and a half hours from Kos by ferry and is overlooked by many a tourist, simply because they are quite unaware of its existence. Agathonisi is a fairly rocky and dry island, with no actual local transport available. The walk from Agios Giorgios to the island's premier settlement of Megalo Horia is around 1.5 km / 1 miles and this village is really the only one of any size of the actual island of Agathonisi. Close to Megalo Horia are many beach-related attractions, around the beaches of Agios Nikolaos, Poros, Tsangari and Tholos.

Kalymnos image


Once best known for its sponge fishing and now very much an up-and-coming tourist destination in the Dodecanese islands. Just 35 minutes from Kos, Kalymnos lends itself perfectly to a day trip, suiting those looking for a change of scenery and a slower pace of life. Kalymnos attractions are varied and many are based around the port and capital of Pothia, particularly around is central square of Plateia Eleftherias.

Waterfront picture of Leros


Very much located outside of the tourist radar, the island of Leros is approximately one and a half hours from Kos, by ferry. Once you arrive on Leros, day trippers will discover a very appealing mixture of sun, sea and recreation, with a number of surprisingly impressive sights and attractions, such as a medieval castle. Of course, many holiday makers find the sandy beaches to be the main draw card on Leros, which are in good supply around the island resorts of Agia Marina, Alinda, Krithoni, Patmos and Xirokambos.


Lipsi is such a small island that it can be easily missed by passengers zooming by on catamarans and hydrofoils. Around two hours from Kos, Lipsi enjoys a rather isolated existence and that really is part of its charm. The beaches of Lipsi are quite unspoilt by man, and very uncrowded - there will likely be times when you feel that you have the entire island all to yourself. However, for a short period in August, the island sees crowds of pilgrims arriving for its religious celebrations.

Panoramic Patmos picture


As soon as you arrive on Patmos and take that first step off the ferry, it become immediately apparent that this island really does have something quite special to offer visitors from Kos, which is around two and a half hours away. The lively port town of Patmos is Skala and a number of the island's most popular attractions are located here. To the north of Sakala, the Meloi Beach is completely shaded by trees and very pretty. The Monastery of St. John in the village of Hora may also be of interest, along with the countless whitewashed houses close by.

Photo of Tsambika Beach in Rhodes (Rodos)


Approximately two hours away from Kos, ferries regularly travel to and from Rhodes, and tourists flock here during the summer months by the thousand. However, despite the high tourist levels, the island is more than big enough to cope with this regular influx, and its choice of beaches and coastal attractions is almost mind boggling. Rhodes Town is the proud island capital and home to a historical Old Town district, which is completely encircled by tall medieval walls.