Crete Beaches, Coastline, Surfing and Water Sports

(Crete, Greece)

Summer beachfront pictureThere are many truly beautiful beaches around the coastline of Crete, many of which are sun traps and perfect for sunbathing, swimming and generally relaxing. Other beaches on Crete offer a choice of water sports, such as windsurfing, water skiing, sea kayaking, speed boats, fun banana boat rides, or even the chance to hire you very own pedalo boat for a few hours.

Crete beaches vary greatly during the summer, with some quickly becoming crowded, while others are lesser known and remain almost deserted. There are usually good facilities not far from hand, and even the chance to sightsee at times, with archaeological sites even scattered around some of the actually cliff faces at times.

Wherever you are on Crete, you can be sure that some good beaches and just a short distance away, often little more than a few minutes. The beaches and fine weather are the main reasons that so many tourists flock here in the summer, and it is easy to see the allure of this spectacular Greek island at this time of the year.

List of the island's main beaches and resorts

The main beaches and resorts are listed below, being grouped by the island's four regions of Chania / Hania, Rethymnon, Heraklion / Iraklion and Lassithi.

Photo of Chania coastlineChania / Hania Beaches (Western Crete)

View of Bali beachfrontRethymnon Beaches (West / Central Crete)

Image of Amoudara BeachHeraklion / Iraklion Beach (East / Central Crete)

Photograph of the Agios Nikolaos waterfrontLassithi Beaches (Eastern Crete)