Dusseldorf Property Market and Real Estate Guide

(Dusseldorf, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany)

Dusseldorf is a less affluent smaller cousin of nearby Cologne. It is situated on the banks of the Rhine River and has a population of just over half a million, and lies in the most congested area of the country, with Dortmund and Essen also nearby.

Dusseldorf is known for its large trade fairs and has an old town loaded with shops and bars. The city centre is quite busy and has plentiful apartments, while districts a bit farther out, like Bilk (south) and Kaiserswerth, are more laid-back. Benrath is a popular place to buy out of town.

The real estate in Dusseldorf is well priced on a German-wide scale, being cheaper than southern cities and more expensive than the north. Of note, there are no restrictions on foreign buyers.

Renting Serviced Apartments

The Altstadt to the east of the Rhine is the place most people look for serviced apartments in Dusseldorf. They are better priced than those in the Bilk district, to the south of town, near the university.

Dusseldorf has cheaper serviced apartments than Cologne and they are popular and in plentiful supply. You can expect complete fixtures and fittings in everything from tight studios to large places fit for a family, and many apartments also come with private parking.

Looking for serviced apartments through an estate agent is the best bet, particularly if you don't speak German. Leases start at six months, but are usually on a yearly basis.

Buying Apartments and Houses

If you stick to the popular districts, like Bilk and Kaiserswerth, buying apartments and houses in Dusseldorf is generally a good investment. Prices are comparable to similar towns and cities in the UK and France, although fees can run up to ten percent of the cost of the property.

The transfer tax is a standard 3.5 percent, while estate agents may want as much as seven percent, although this is negotiable in Germany. There is also a notary fee and some other administrative costs, and having a good English-speaking lawyer is a must.

Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents are called 'immobilien' in Germany and it is advisable to use one as they know the ins and outs of the markets and rule of law. German estate agents rarely have English language websites, so it is worth searching around for independent reviews on a given estate agent before committing.

See the following Dusseldorf real estate agents:

Francis Fenner
Address: Siegstrasse 22, Dusseldorf, D-40219, Germany
Tel: +49 0211 6999 232
Email: Francis.Fenner@ffbweb.de
Website: www.ffbweb.de
Francis Fenner is a fairly new realtor and is used to dealing with foreigners, as he is himself a foreign national.

Address: When Strohhause 27, Hamburg, D-20097, Germany
Tel: +49 040 3472 8900
Email: kundenbetreuung@immonet.de
Website: www.immonet.de
Operating out of Hamburg, Immonet has property for sale or rent on their books in and around the Dusseldorf area.

Cent Immobilien
Address: Rochus Strasse 23, Dusseldorf, D-40479, Germany
Tel: +49 0211 67 5071
Website: www.cent-immobilien.de
Cent Immobilien offers a spread of real estate for buyers, sellers and renters in all areas of the city.