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The riverside Rheinuferpromenade
We walked along the Rheinuferpromenade, which is a pretty riverside walk in Dusseldorf, next to the River Rhein, lasting around one mile. It stretches between the buildings of the State Parliament to the Oberkasseler Bridge. It is such a pleasant and peaceful setting that it was very surprising when we learnt that there was a busy car tunnel right beneath our feet.
Posted on 17/11/2007 by Phil Jackon

Carlsplatz Market
The Carlsplatz is close to the railway station in Dusseldorf and also near to the Friedrich Ebert Strasse. This is a busy marketplace and is historically where the local German farmers gather to sell their produce. However, today there is so much here to see, enjoy and most of all, to taste! As well as food stalls and hot snacks, there are also some good restaurants close by if you experience hunger pangs as we did. I blamed all the nice cooking smells that were wafting around!
Posted on 22/8/2007 by Emilio

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