Dusseldorf Neighborhoods, Locations and Districts

(Dusseldorf, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany)

View of the Altstadt District (Old Town)Dusseldorf is dissected by the Rhine River, giving it some prime riverside locations and a thriving harbour area. Most of the entertainment can be found in the Altstadt district, otherwise known as simply Old Town Dusseldorf, although for shopping opportunities, you will want to head for Königsallee, and for historic sights, travel to the Kaiserworth district.

The Bilk neighbourhood is home to most of the student population in Dusseldorf and is a great place to find cheap food and drink. If you need to escape the city centre for a while, head to Benrath, which boasts a stunning palace and a number of local bars and restaurants.

Photo of the Schlossturm Tower (Schlossturm) in Dusseldorf

Altstadt District (Old Town)

The Altstadt, or the Old Town, can be found between Heinrich Heine Allee and the Rhine River. It lies at the centre of Dusseldorf and is a pedestrianised area, where many annual festivals take place each year. The stunning location attracts tourists, although many locals also frequent the riverside cafés, bars and restaurants. Dusseldorf's Altstadt district offers bags of tourist appeal, and sights in this part of town include the Schlossturm Tower, Stadtmuseum and Hohe Strasse - with its cobblestone streets, lined with trendy boutiques, bars and eateries of various descriptions. There are many places to stay in the Altstadt, ranging from top hotels and small guesthouses.

Benrath District

Dusseldorf's Benrath area can be found approximately 10 km / 6 miles from the Altstadt. This is a relaxed district, home to many locals as well as boasting a stunning 18th-century palace, Schloss Benrath. The palace was, for a time, home to Prince Carl Theodor von Pfalz-Sulzbach, and enjoys an impressive waterfront setting, off Benrather Schlossallee. It is the focal point of the district and is why so many people visit this particular neighbourhood.

View of the Konigsallee

Königsallee District

Königsallee is a busy shopping district and ideal for people with expensive tastes. Virtually every designer label can be found in this part of Dusseldorf and this is without doubt the place to be seen in the city. Many people come to Königsallee to simply window shop and explore some of the area's museums, such as the Theatre Museum and its many exhibits, some of which date back to the 17th century.

Bilk District

The lively Bilk district is home to the majority of the large student population. Bilk lies on the southern side of the city centre and close to the prestigious Heinrich Heine University Dussseldorf. Offering excellent transportation links, this is the place to head for cheap food and drinks, second-hand shops, and a relaxed, somewhat bohemian ambience.

Hafen District

This district is home to the city's harbour and has seen countless transformations over the years. In the 1970s, many parts of the harbour were abandoned and deteriorated significantly. However, during the 1980s, the Landtag (State Parliament) was built on the Platz des Landtags and this saw an immediate change in people's attitudes towards the harbour area of Dusseldorf. Years of construction began and in the latter part of the 20th century, the harbour and its surrounding area became the trendiest place in the city. Dusseldorf's Hafen district is fast becoming a hub for media and production companies, as well as stylish bars and restaurants.

Kaiserswerth District

Kaiserworth is a fascinating district and boasts both historic sights and beautiful scenery. It was not considered to be part of the city until the late 1920s, but has since become one of the most popular areas within Dusseldorf. There are the remains of an ancient castle to be explored, as well as recreation areas and beer gardens. It is easily accessible by tram or car, and sees many locals relaxing here at the weekend. The Kaiserswerth district is a great place to visit if you want to escape the bustle of Dusseldorf city centre.