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(Dusseldorf, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany)

Aerial picture of Dresden cityscape and the River RhineCapital of Germany's North Rhine-Westphalia state, the modern and vibrant city that is Dusseldorf (Düsseldorf) retains plenty of traditional character beneath its glamour, glitz and enormous trade fairs. Today, Dusseldorf is bursting with culture, plenty of culinary regional delights, and many exciting nightspots. This is especially the case around the Old Town area of Dusseldorf, better known as the Altstadt district, where fine architecture lines much of the Rhine River.

Much of Dusseldorf's Altstadt quarter is well pedestrianised and a great place to begin your sightseeing, with many historical sights, boutiques, museums and tourist attractions being within walking distance of each other. The true heart of the Altstadt is the Marktplatz, while nearby, a popular tourist information centre can be found on the Burgplatz, dispensing plenty of useful tourism advice. For some of the best shopping within Dusseldorf, pay a visit to Königsallee, known simply as the 'Ko'.

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Dusseldorf Tourist Information and Tourism: Top Sights

Dusseldorf has plenty of tourist appeal and attracts thousands of visitors each year, particularly during the sunny summer months. The main tourist attractions in Dusseldorf include the Rheinufer Promenade - with riverside walking trails, nearby cycle paths and plenty of beer gardens; Schloss Benrath (Benrath Castle) - a grand building located in the Benrath area of Dusseldorf and built in the latter part of the 18th century; Tonhalle - the city's main concert hall, regularly attracting many famous singers and musicians; LTU Arena - a huge sports stadium next to Dusseldorf city centre and seating up to 50,000 people; Dusseldorf University Botanical Gardens - home to a huge greenhouse housing many exotic specimens and flowering plants; and Südpark and Zoo - an appealing combination of Botanical Gardens and petting zoo, suiting all the family. More information about Dusseldorf Tourist Attractions.

Picture of the Medienhafen (Media Harbour)Spread around Dusseldorf are many imposing landmarks of great local significance. Of particular interest, be sure to look out for the Landtag - otherwise known as the State Parliament, sited on the northern banks of the River Rhine; Dusseldorf's Radschlägerbrunnen - the iconic Cartwheel Fountain, incorporating bronze statues and trickling water spouts; Rheinturm Tower - a skyscraping telecommunications tower, complete with revolving restaurant and superb cityscape vistas; and Südbrücke Bridge - the city's historic heavy-weight bridge, linking nearby Neuss. More information about Dusseldorf Landmarks.

View of the airport sky railwayDusseldorf's best cultural attractions come in the form of galleries and museums. Highlights include the Löbbecke Museum und Aquazoo - an aquarium attraction with in-depth information about many underwater creatures; Theatermuseum - the Dusseldorf Theatre Museum, celebrating 400 years of German theatrical productions; Museum Kunst Palast - a popular art gallery where historic European paintings and glassworks are displayed to their best advantage; and the Kunsthalle - the prestigious Dusseldorf Art Hall, where many successful visiting exhibitions are held. More information about Dusseldorf Museums and Dusseldorf Art Galleries.

Close to the city of Dusseldorf are many outstanding tourist attractions, located within neighbouring cities and towns. Consider a visit to nearby Cologne, where breathtaking architecture abounds and it scattered around the city, together with over 30 different museums and art galleries. Also close to Dusseldorf are the cities of Duisburg, Essen and Krefeld, where highlights include an outstanding opera house, shopping and restaurant districts, medieval buildings, botanical and zoological gardens, and many major festivals. More information about Dusseldorf Attractions Nearby.

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