Hanover Restaurants and Dining

(Hanover, Lower Saxony, Germany)

Photo showing the railway stationNo trip to Hanover is really complete without tasting the local gingerbread, a true speciality within Germany's Saxony region. Those looking to eat out in Hanover will find plenty of restaurants around the city, where hearty German dishes are sure to fill you up.

For locals, dining out is particularly popular at lunchtime, and many Germans consider this to be the most important meal of the day. For tourists in Hanover, lunchtime often consists of a quick sandwich between attractions, with many favouring an evening meal, with steins of German beer and plenty of Riesling wine to wash the food down.

Picture of crowds on Kropcke Square

What to Eat

Many traditional German dining options await in Hanover and range from pot-roasted boar or beef, to vegetable stews, pickled herring, grilled trout and bratwurst sausages. For many locals, starting the days without a freshly baked bread roll is hard to imagine, while for tourists, most hotel restaurants in Hanover cater accordingly and serve cereals, pastries, toasts, cheese and sliced deli meats, such as either salami or ham. When dining out in Hanover, look out for the local gingerbread (lebkuchen) and also stollen (bread-like cake), which is usually served at Christmas time.

Where to Eat

Restaurants are spread all over Hanover city and whilst many are concentrated within the city centre, there are a huge number of further dining options throughout all of the main districts. Particularly good eateries can be found around Georgplatz, Sophienstrasse and also Königstrasse.

Foodies visiting Hanover should be sure to check out the many eateries within the Linden neighbourhood, which is known for their tasty Portuguese and Spanish dishes. For quick eats, pay a visit to the Hanover Markthall (Market Hall) on the corner of Leinstrasse and Karmarschstrasse, where literally dozens of food stalls and hot snacks await.

Further restaurants lie around the Calenberger Neustadt district, close to a number of entertainment venues, such as the popular Theater am Aegi. Also of interest is the array of fine dining on offer all over both the Südstadt and Oststadt areas of Hanover, where a number of eateries are especially close to the man-made Maschsee Lake.