Hanover Landmarks and Monuments

(Hanover, Lower Saxony, Germany)

Photo of the New Town Hall (Neues Rathaus)Hanover is full of landmarks harking back to the days when it was the home of Leibnitz and one of Germany's leading centres of culture and learning. Churches, buildings and squares abound, helping to keep the forward-looking city of Hanover in touch with its past and providing some of the better photo opportunities.

Most of the oldest landmarks can be found in the Old Town, where you can get a sense of what Hanover might have looked and felt like during the Middle Ages. The city's top landmarks and main monuments are listed below.

Picture of the Old Town Hall (Altes Rathaus)

Town Halls (Rathaus)

Address: Kobelingerstrasse, Hanover, Germany, DE
Tel: +49 0511 1684 5333
In many European cities, the Town Hall is often a symbol of strength and pride. In Hanover, visitors are treated to both a modern and ancient version. The current Town Hall, with its copper dome and vaulted halls, opened in 1913. From the top, the views over the city and Maschsee Lake are wonderful. Inside, you can see four versions of what Hanover looked like throughout its history, from the early Hanseatic period of 1689 to the present layout. Comparing pre-war Hanover to the post-war city is particularly eye-opening. The neighbouring Old Town Hall dates to the Middle Ages and is now a monument to Gothic architecture.
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Admission: charge

Image of Aegidienkirche


Address: Osterstrasse Mitte, Hanover, Germany, DE
Tel: +49 0511 1234 5111
One of Hanover's more picturesque ruins is this 10th-century church, which has seen its share of war and destruction. The last abuse came during a WWII air raid, which gutted the interior. The city decided to leave what was left of the Aegidienkirche church standing, to commemorate the victims of the war. You can wander the site and feel the pain and suffering wrought by human conflict.
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View of Kropcke Square

Kropcke Square

Address: Georgstrass, Hanover, Germany, DE
This essential square in the centre of Old Town is the heart of Hanover and an important local landmark. Hundreds of years in the making, this site has always been a point for meeting, doing business and celebrating victories. Today, Kropcke Square is lined with cafés, art galleries and shops, and is easily accessible by the underground metro, which has a station here. The area surrounding Kropcke Square is a great place to people-watch and grab a casual bite to eat.
Open hours: daily - 24 hours
Admission: no charge

Picture of sailing boats on Maschsee Lake

Maschsee Lake

Address: Rudolf von Bennigsen Ufer, Hanover, Germany, DE
Tel: +49 0511 700 950
Hanover's main water playground is this massive lake at the southern edge of town. Surrounded by parks and forests, this is the most popular spot for people seeking a little rest and recreation just minutes from the city centre. Boating is a highlight, and the lake is ringed with restaurants, beer gardens and even a casino. During the summer, the lake is constantly busy, especially when one of the city's many festivals takes place.
Open hours: daily - 24 hours
Admission: no charge

Waterlooplatz / Waterloo Memorial

Address: Am Waterlooplatz, Hanover, Germany, DE
One of the city's more significant memorials is this column dedicated to the victory over Napoleon at the Battle of Waterloo, a fight in which Hanover played an important role. The winged goddess of victory sits at the top of the column and visitors can climb up to get a lofty perspective of the cityscape.
Open hours: daily - 24 hours
Admission: no charge