Blackpool Life and Visitor Travel Tips

(Blackpool, Lancashire, England, UK)

Picture of the Central PierOne of Britain's most iconic seaside resorts, Blackpool is known for its glitzy arcades and amusements, endless beachfront, theme park and trams.

Life in Blackpool can become particularly hectic and exciting during the summer season, where crowds of tourists descend to enjoy the sunshine, sea air, dozens of roller coasters and fast rides, and local fish and chips.

Tourism and Tourist Information

Blackpool is a spreading town, although much of it can be explored without the need for a car, especially since trams run along the entire length of the promenade, which stretches for many miles. It is always a good idea to pay a visit to the helpful Tourist Information Centre (TIC), to ensure that you are able to make the most of your stay in this world-famous seaside resort. Leaflets and brochures are also available at most hotels, guesthouses and some public buildings, including the library.

Blackpool Tourist Information Centre (TIC)
Address: 1 Clifton Street, Blackpool, Lancashire, England, UK
Tel: +44 (0)1253 478 222
Open hours: May to October, Monday to Saturday - 08:30 to 17:00, Sunday - 09:00 to 16:00; November to April, Monday to Saturday - 08:45 to 16:00

Image of the Pleasure Beach roller coasters


English is the number one language in this large and multicultural town. Whilst a number of local hoteliers and businessmen do speak other languages, with a few being bilingual, English is the number one language in the town and visitors are always expected to speak at least basic phrases. If English is not your first language, a dictionary or phrase book is a sensible addition to your suitcase.


Tipping in Blackpool is only really necessary at restaurants, where the service and food have been good. Even nowadays in some fairly basic pizza restaurants, it has become customary to leave a tip and the printed bill often leaves a space for you to write this gratuity in. However, never feel pressured into leaving a large tip. Usually just a few pounds is quite acceptable at most restaurants, and five percent is more than enough. At the more upmarket hotels, the porter also expects a small tip for helping you with your cases.

Photo showing donkey rides on the beach


Smoking in public places has never been more frowned upon and as a result, smoking has now been completely banned from all of the town's restaurants, public houses and offices, with smokers having to find spaces outside. Smoking is also not permitted on all forms of public transportation in Blackpool and throughout England as a whole, following the controversial July 2007 anti-smoking law. 'No smoking' signs are always easy to spot, and the absence of ash trays also makes it fairly obvious when smoking is acceptable