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Village of Burley
I was fortunate enough to stay at the Moorhill House Hotel in Burley, the New Forest. It is a luxury four-star hotel with added extra leisure facilities (e.g. swimming pool, sauna). I booked a family room and took advantage of the last minute rates, which meant the 20% off made it al the more affordable. The staff were quite scarce and I had to wait a few minutes before I was assisted checking in. I was a little disappointed, however the room soon made up for it. It had a huge king-size bed, a very clean spacious bathroom, and a very cute little bunk bed for my children.

I had a wander around the village, before going back to the hotel's swimming pool, and I was surprised at the number of witch shops! I had no idea about these, but the timing was perfect because it was just a few days before Halloween. There is a bit of history behind the village as there used to be a good witch called Sybil Leek (and her pet jackdaw!) living there. There was a whole poster explaining the witches in the gift shop called 'A Coven Of Witches' (named by Sybil herself).

As we got back to the hotel, we took a dive into their pool. It was a well-heated pool and wasn't too deep, or too shallow, and the sauna was great! The changing rooms were very luxurious, and had shower, toilet and sink areas.

We had a very peaceful night sleep, and in the morning we woke up to a pig walking down the road in therein! It was a very funny experience. It was a very enjoyable stay, and I would definitely go there again. Especially a time near Halloween.
Posted on 13/11/2014 by CMOTDIBBLER

Balmer Lawn Hotel
For what has turned out to be the last days of summer, we went away for a mini break in the New Forest. We stayed in very nice, very expensive luxury hotel, namely the four-star Balmer Lawn Hotel. Not sure it would have been worth the full price, but we fortunately managed to get a last-minute rate, which made it much more affordable. The facilities were excellent and we made full use of the out door swimming pool, indoor swimming pool, sauna and Jacuzzi. We were allowed to stay on for the rest of the day after checking out. The breakfast was delicious, although the breakfast room was a bit dark, with net curtains galore. Overall, it wasn't quite what I expected for a luxury hotel, but I would recommend it and would like to go again, if I can manage to get a cheap rate! It would also need to be sunny weather, so that I could go in the outdoor pool again for a nice long swim.
Posted on 25/9/2012 by Ponio

Balmer Lawn Hotel
A very nice hotel. We got a special rate but it is an expensive hotel. It's in a great area, by a river which is a good picnic area. The room was brilliant, but if you want to watch a film, you have to be given a playstation, which was not only a hassle to set up, but hard to start the film, as we had to put a controller in and find out which button to press as well. The swimming pools were not as expected and quiet, the outdoor pool was bigger and warmer then the inside one and no one was in it when I was. It is worth getting a top floor with a view, as I woke up to see a horse through the window.
Posted on 22/9/2012 by Jamie Torch

Review of New Forest
My Mum and Dad took my brother and me to the New Forest for my birthday. It was hard to find a picnic place not too crowded but really nice, but after a few minutes we found a beautiful place with a lake that children were paddling in! We found a free space and laid our picnic stuff down. After the picnic I begged mum and dad if I could go to the river and have a paddle. After many attempts they said yes so I went in. It was so cold! Just round the corner was a weird rope swing. I had a little go on it, but I fell in. Then we had to go. Just as I left the river a cow came in the river for a drink. It was brilliant there - I loved it.
Posted on 9/9/2012 by NT10

Re. fun on the trails
Try staying somewhere like the Balmers Lawn hotel, from where there is a breathtaking walk down into the forest. You could also cycle around if you wish and see even more horses and ponies in their natural habitat.
Posted on 13/3/2012 by K.

Re. a historic quaint little village
Glad you enjoyed it here, but there is no mention of whether you did activities or not? The Amazing Autumnal Sunday Paddle is not to be missed and is one of the highlights of the year! There's also kayaking and battlefield outdoor experiences for men and boys.
Posted on 13/3/2012 by K.

Fun on the trails
We had a great time on the Tall Trees Trail while in New Forest and enjoyed being around the south east's biggest remaining wild pasture land tracts. It took us a seven mile drive to get anywhere near the outdoors though, which is why we would prefer to stay a little closer to the action next time! The wild ponies were lovely.
Posted on 19/2/2011 by Gary Cuthbert

A historic and quaint little village
We found Beaulieu to be idyllic with plenty of historic and religious sites. The locals were incredibly welcome every time we went to a local pub or restaurant after a few hours spent at the likes of the Palace House and the local Abbey. A little bit of a trek out of the town centre at almost eight miles but well worth it!
Posted on 8/8/2009 by Rebecca Howard

Nice to find something in town centre
Although I am used to walking far cos I live in mountains in Switzerland, it was nice to find attraction near hotel in town centre one afternoon when we was too tired. I enjoyed the National Motor Museum but it was very busy cos it is one of the most famous in south England. A good specialty museum.
Posted on 2/11/2008 by Adrien F