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Premier Inn Bournemouth Central
I was in the area of Bournemouth and needed a place to stay, so I looked up the best hotels and immediately spotted this one. I have stayed at many Premier Inns before, but this one certainly beats them all! I had asked for a sea view and the receptionist instantly gave me one as they were relatively quiet at the time - it was a week day.

The service is brilliant at the hotel and everyone is very helpful, should you have any problems. My room was on the 7th floor and had a gorgeous sea view with a huge corner balcony overlooking the coast and pier. The hotel itself is quite near to the town centre, which is just a two / three minute walk away. In my opinion, the breakfast is the best part of the whole stay at a Premier Inn hotel. It's an all you can eat buffet, and anything that they don't have out (e.g. boiled eggs, porridge, omelettes, etc.) they will cook to order. I had a very pleasant stay, and now that I have discovered this hotel, I don't think I'll be staying anywhere else in Bournemouth!
Posted on 13/11/2014 by Suzie

Review of La Tasca - Spanish Tapas Restaurant
My grandma took my brother and me to Bournemouth for a holiday and for lunch we went to La Tasca. I hardly ever have children's meals but I saw the children's menu there and it looked amazing! You had to have 3 mini bowls of food around the size of a saucer with an added plate of peppers, cucumber and carrot. You also had to have a blackcurrant or orange Capri Sun drink. I chose Spanish goat's cheese balls, and meatballs in delicious tomato sauce. I also had a cheese covered garlic bread that was good too. I think it was really worth the money.
Posted on 30/8/2012 by Nia

Bournemouth Eye
I went on the balloon when it was dark so I could see all the lights around Bournemouth and if I could guess what certain buildings were. There was so much space on the balloon yet only around 10 people were allowed on it at the same time. I was shocked at the prices which they definitely need to lower. (£12 for one adult to be up for 10 minutes) All I can really say is it's just nice for the experience.
Posted on 29/8/2012 by James

Harry Ramsdens
I had fish and chips here recently and it was very disappointing. The Harry Ramsdens restaurant is such a nice setting next to the seafront, but the size of the cod was quite small and the chips really weren't very nice. It was quite expensive for what it was, although the chandeliers were fun. I won't be coming here again. I think I'd rather search out a decent takeaway chippy and eat them on the beach or the pier - if it's not raining that is. When will it stop raining?! Come on the summer weather...
Posted on 5/5/2012 by Gemma Prater

Childrens' Entertainment / Flowers by Candlelight
One of the most exciting events for children is the Flowers by Candlelight in the Lower Pleasure Gardens.This takes place every Wednesday evening in August. Wooden frames are hung with honey pots in all shades of glass, which contain candles. They are all different designs; birds, animals, ships, trains, planes and symbols of all nations.As dusk falls the children collect tapers and light all the candles which takes several hours.This dates from the time when Queen Victoria's daughter Victoria visited Bournemouth and wanted to walk through the Chines to the sea front at night. The gardeners placed candles in honeypots and hung them from the trees to light her way and this has been done ever since.

This is unique in the World and looks truly enchanting when lit.
Posted on 28/7/2010 by Valerie Blackwood

There are some great names that perform at the BIC theatre every year (Bournemouth International Centre). Apart from the concerts, there are lots of other musical events. In recent years, I've seen Bjork and Kylie at the BIC, and both were great. If you prefer something a bit more seaside, there is usually a farce-type play on in the summer, at the pier theatre, on the far end of the pier.
Posted on 3/3/2008 by Tricia Mead

Pleasure Gardens
Bournemouth's Pleasure Gardens are always really pretty during the summer. The flower borders are really something special and there are lots of benches lining all of the pathways and the stream. The lawns are always neatly mowed and a great spot for a sandwich, with plenty of trees to sit underneath, out of the sun. Either follow the pathway into the town and the main shopping centre, or to the pier, aquarium and beach. Next to the pier is a fun cafe where you can take a picture of yourself pretending to surf on an artificial wave.
Posted on 10/11/2007 by Ed Jones

Bournemouth Beaches
The beaches around Bournemouth are great. Yes, they can be busy in the summer months, but from September onwards, most days they are almost completely empty, even on the sunniest days. The main stretch from the pier to Boscombe is particularly popular and in the middle of winter, it's a great place to park, have a sandwich and watch the surfers. During the main tourist season, a colourful 'land train' links the two piers, being particularly popular with families.
Posted on 10/12/2006 by Lee Vernans

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