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Cribbs Causeway
It is a fairly nice shopping mall, the main shops being John Lewis and M and S. There is a fountain in the middle which is worth looking at for a few minutes as the water can reach up to 20 feet. It is a nice place to go shopping for a few hours and also very busy!
Posted on 17/9/2012 by Sarah Lee

Hengrove Play Park
Three words to describe this: Astonishingly Big Park.
Great fun for children, but be warned when you want to go, the whole world does too, so maybe not for the day when it is really sunny and hot, as there will be hundreds with you. Try to go when it is cooler with a few clouds in the sky, as you will benefit from it a lot.
This is an ideal place to go if you are hanging around for the start of a film at the nearby Cineworld Cinema complex.
A nice trip with the family.
Posted on 11/5/2012 by James

An amazing day out with the family. So many things to do there. There are loads of restaurants plus an aquarium in the area as a bonus to your trip. Best for families with children from six onwards as there are lots of things that young children wouldn't understand. Worth every penny!
Posted on 16/3/2012 by Rhys

Bristol Zoo
This zoo is great, although the cark park is a bit small and rough. On a sunny day, it is definitely worth arriving fairly early, so that parking won't be a problem. The penguin enclosure was out of this world. It was massive, and you could walk underneath the water level and see the penguins and seals swimming, watching them through great big windows and a tunnel. There was a nice playground as well, although it got a bit crowded.
Posted on 20/2/2007 by Gemma

Bristol Colston Hall
Bristol's Colston Hall is an excellent venue for concerts, gigs and comedy acts. Many groups regularly perform here, both current artists and singers from the past. I've been to a lot of gigs here over the years, including a number of US stars, such as Cyndi Lauper. Whilst I would recommend this venue, the best seats go fast and so you really need to keep an eye out for the show and book your tickets as soon as you can. The Hippodrome is just a short walk around the corner and tends to host most theatrical style shows and musicals.
Posted on 10/12/2007 by James Paulton

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