Limassol Landmarks and Monuments

(Limassol, Cyprus)

Photo of the Grand Mosque / Mosque of Djami Kebir (Kebir Camil)The skyline of Limassol is quite modern in its appearance and comprises mainly high-rise beachfront hotels, with little in the way of history, old landmarks and Cypriot monuments. However, if you look beyond the endless accommodation you will discover that Limassol is indeed home to a handful of very old and important landmarks.

Limassol Castle (Lemesos Castle) was built during the 14th century and stands on the actual site of a much older Byzantine fortress. The landmark castle's long history has seen much plundering and damage by the Venetians. Also of note is the Grand Mosque (Kebir Camil), which dates from the 16th century and is a beautiful sight to behold and extremely photogenic.

Different view of the Grand Mosque / Mosque of Djami Kebir (Kebir Camil)

Grand Mosque / Mosque of Djami Kebir (Kebir Camil)

Address: Genethliou Mitella, Limassol, Cyprus
The Grand Mosque is known locally as the Kebir Camil and resides within the city's vibrant Turkish quarter, where it has become something of a prominent local landmark. Standing close to the Hammam (Turkish baths), the Grand Mosque is today used by the local Turkish Cypriot residents and Muslims. Visitors are welcome to step inside and check out the architecture and courtyard, although you should always be respectful, dressing in a conservative manner and leaving your shoes by the entrance.
Open hours: daily - no fixed hours
Admission: free

Limassol Castle (Lemesos Castle) picture

Limassol Castle (Lemesos Castle)

Address: Irinis, Limassol, Cyprus
The number one landmark and tourist attraction in the city is without question its majestic medieval castle, which is home to the city's popular Medieval Museum. At the time of the Ottoman rule, Limassol Castle was repurposed as a prison. It is said that in 1191, Richard the Lionheart was married on this very spot, in the chapel of the former fortress, where he was also crowned as the King of Cyprus. Today, the castle is simply an interesting structure to explore. Do also leave time for a stroll around the gorgeous gardens, where amongst the flowers, you will encounter an ancient olive oil press from the 7th century.
Open hours: Monday to Saturday - 09:00 to 17:00, Sunday - 10:00 to 13:00
Admission: grounds free