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(Jersey, Channel Islands, British Isles)

Picture of ferry arrivingIsland transport on Jersey comprises mainly buses and cars, which allow you to travel virtually wherever you choose. However, do be prepared for a slower pace of life if you travel by car, since the maximum speed limit for the whole of Jersey is 40 mph / 65 kph, although some 'Green Transport Lanes' have a limit of just 15 mph / 24 kph or 20 mph / 32 kph

Coastal pathways are plentiful around the island, meaning that you can enjoy some spectacular scenery as you stroll. An extensive cycle network is also present on Jersey, being a good alternative to public transport, particularly around La Corbiere and St. Helier. The promenade in front of St. Aubin's Bay is also a great place to either walk or cycle, with a dedicated cycle trail located alongside the main pathway.

Jersey Airport (JER) / Arriving by Air

Address: Route B36, St. Peter, Jersey, JE3 1BY, Channel Islands, UK
Tel: +44 (0)1534 446 000
Jersey Airport is the main transport hub for the Channel Islands and is located within the St. Peter region, on the western side of the island and close to St. Brelade. The airport is close to a number of major roads, such as the A12, the B36 and the B4, and sees annual passenger figures approaching two million. The single L-shaped terminal comprises a range of modern facilities, with some of the main airlines including Aer Lingus, bmi, British Airways, easyJet, Flybe, Lufthansa and Thomsonfly.

Jersey Airport Guide

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Boats and Ferries

Ferry transport departs daily and travels both ways between Saint Malo, Jersey's St. Helier Harbour and Guernsey, and either Weymouth, Poole or Portsmouth, being operated by Condor Ferries, with both speedy catamarans, and slower, more traditional ferries.

Further ferry sailings are run by HD Ferries, linking destinations such as Alderney and Cherbourg.

Car Rental

Driving around Jersey is by far the best way to travel and tour the island, with this mode of transport allowing you to easily reach all of the beaches and attractions, usually within literally minutes. However, the roads can be rather confusing, with poor signage, and road names often in either English or French. Drivers must always stay of the left-hand side of the road and note that single yellow lines indicate where you are required to give way. Most car parks in Jersey and in particular those in St. Helier operate a 'paycard' scheme, where you purchase paycards from newsagents, garages, post offices, tourism outlets or car park offices, and then simply scratch off your arrival time, using one scratchcard for each hour.

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Picture of promenade next to Mont Orgueil Castle

Buses and Coaches

Bus transport provides the only real way to travel around Jersey and the best alternative to driving by car. Jersey buses are run by Connex and depart from the modern bus terminal, which is located at Liberation Square, in St. Helier. Bus timetables are readily available from both the terminal and tourist office. Public bus transport on the island offers a good choice of unlimited travel tickets, which are valid for set periods of one, three, five and seven days, and allow you to use different buses. Hop-on, hop-off EasyLink coach transport is also available and connects many of the top attractions.


There are currently no trains operating on the island, although historically there was once a limited railway service.