Jersey Property Market and Real Estate Guide

(Jersey, Channel Islands, British Isles)

Image of Jersey's St. Aubins BayThe popular Channel Island of Jersey is closer to French territory than the English mainland and is one of the most sought after places to live in the region. It is the largest of the small Channel Islands group, yet is only a few miles across, and comes with striking beaches, quaint towns and enviable weather.

St Helier is the capital and lies in the south of the island where most of the best beaches and property is. It presides over the beautiful St Aubin Bay, while the northern shore is more rugged and picturesque.

Jersey is a popular tourist island for both UK and French nationals, yet on the property front, it is generally more expensive than both of the UK and France. In addition, it can be very tough to buy apartments or houses on Jersey, where stringent requirements need to be met.

Renting Serviced Apartments

Not many people rent serviced apartments in Jersey, as prices are expensive and cottage rentals predominate. If you absolutely must have one, your best bet is to stick to the main centres such as St Helier and Saint Martin where a number of houses have been converted into one and two bedroom serviced apartments.

Many apartments are part of a larger house with the owner living onsite, although they are self-contained. Prices are in line with, or slight cheaper than, comparable hotels. The best deals can be had just outside the centre of St Helier.

Photograph of shopping area in Jersey's capital St. Helier

Buying Apartments and Houses

It can be very tough buying apartments and houses in Jersey due to previous residential requirements. The laws here are wholly different from mainland UK and were set up to protect the island from encroachment not long after the war. Each case will need to be presented to an island housing committee

Examples of eligibility to buy on the island would include being Jersey born or a resident for at least ten years, being employed as a professional (such as a doctor or a teacher), or to seek residential status with the view to contributing to the island's welfare. Things have relaxed of late however, yet seeking legal advice through a local lawyer is an absolute must.

Real Estate Agents

Be prudent in picking a local estate agent in Jersey. Using one that has been recommended to you is a good rule of thumb, or choose one that has years of experience with the ins and outs of Jersey property laws and a decent portfolio. It is also worth scanning online to fish out reviews of any given Jersey estate agent.

Examples of Jersey realtors and real estate agents:

Cox Peel and Partners Estate Agents
Address: 3 Charles Street, St Helier, Jersey, Channel Islands
Tel: +44 1534 877 977
One of Jersey's top residential estate agencies offering a personalised service in buying and selling Jersey property.

Choice Properties
Address: Maison Victor Hugo/Greve DAzette, St Clement, Jersey, Channel Islands
Tel: +44 1534 620 620
Choice Properties features an experienced sales team and has the focus firmly on customer care.

Gaudin and Co
Address: 6 Waterloo Street, St Helier, Jersey, Channel Islands
Tel: +44 1534 730 341
In operation since the 1930s, Gaudin and Co specialises in renting and investing in Jersey property.