Jersey Shopping and Districts

(Jersey, Channel Islands, British Isles)

Picture of shops in St. HelierThe shopping scene in Jersey is excellent and although there are various shops of all sizes across the island, most people tend to head to St. Helier to meet their shopping needs. Being VAT free, shop prices on Jersey do tend to be a little cheaper than those in the UK, although a local goods and service tax is implemented.

Duty-free goods can be purchased directly on the ferries, or at the airports, although visitors have strict allowances that must be adhered to. Those arriving from the UK will find many familiar shopping brands on Jersey, such as BHS, Boots and Marks & Spencer, the latter of which has recently opened a new branch and cafe in St. Brelade.

If possible, try to leave time to check out at least one of Jersey's two enormous garden centres, which are located close to the airport and Gorey, and are a surprisingly good place to pick up some inexpensive souvenirs of your holiday.

Further photo of shops in St. Helier

When to Shop and Opening Hours

The majority of shops throughout Jersey open between Monday and Saturday.

However, some smaller shops do close for the winter season, or on various weekdays. Jersey trading laws mean that all shops have to close on Sundays, although this law is lifted from time to time, for the most special of occasions.

Picture of cattle statues in central St. Helier

Where to Shop

Large supermarkets are scarce in Jersey, with the Morrisons Superstore La Vallee Des Vaux, in St. Helier, being the biggest. However, smaller Checkers Express, Channel Islands Co-Op, and Spar supermarkets are scattered all over Jersey, in locations such as Beaumont, Le Riche, St. Aubin's, St. Brelade, St. Ouen and St. Peter's Village.

St. Helier is the only place where you will be able to enjoy a spot of department store shopping on Jersey, with 'A De Gruchy & Co' on King Street, and 'Voisins Department Store' on King Street, being amongst the largest and most historic. Those who favour shopping at markets will enjoy a stroll around the undercover Central Market at St. Helier, or the slightly more modern Beresford Market.