Jersey Restaurants and Dining

(Jersey, Channel Islands, British Isles)

Picture of dining venues next to St. Aubin's HarbourThe food on Jersey plays an important part of any Channel Islands' holiday and this is clearly reflected within its huge choice restaurants and eateries, which number well over 200. Wherever you choose to eat out on Jersey, you can expect to find plenty of different dining venues to choose from within the area.

Many restaurants on Jersey overlook the coastline, harbours and beaches, while others are based in the centre of St. Helier, at the largest hotels, or at one of the main attractions, such as the excellent self-service restaurant at the Durrell Wildlife Park.

When dining out on Jersey, visitors will soon discover that the cuisine tends to reflect the quality of the island's seafood and also its relative closeness to France, with mussels (moules) in rich creamy sauces regularly appearing on menus. You can always expect to enjoy lobsters, spider crabs, oysters and more, which seem to thrive in the waters, warmed by the Gulf Stream.

Al fresco dining in St. Helier town centre

Where to Eat

During the winter months of Jersey, a number of island's restaurants and hotels choose to offer 'Winter Warmer' menus, when food is greatly discounted to tempt visitors. In the summer months, the price of dining out varies considerably, and for even a small family, dining out can prove expensive.

There are numerous excellent eateries based around St. Aubin's Harbour, such as the Boat House Restaurant and Bar, the Salty Dog Bistro, and the Bon Viveur. Close by is the Old Court House, a characterful 17th-century public house with a range of hearty fare, perhaps better known to many for its appearance in the television series of Bergerac, when it went by the name of 'The Royal Barge'.

Picture of Pizza Express, in St. Brelade's BayFor something cheaper, consider eating out at a beachfront cafe, such as those on the beachfront of St. Aubin's Bay, where sandwiches and jacket potatoes are tasty, filling and inexpensive. St. Brelade Bay's inexpensive Pizza Express restaurant also comes highly recommended on Jersey, as do the views from its conservatory style windows.

The potato season arrives as early as March, and Jersey Royal potatoes soon begin to influence the restaurants and their dishes, with an array of combinations on offer - something not to miss. Jersey milk, cream and butter also play an important part in the island's dining scene.