Guernsey Shopping and Districts

(Guernsey, Channel Islands, British Isles)

Photo of shopping precinct on the islandThe advantage with shopping here is that Guernsey, as with all of the other Channel Islands, is exempt of VAT. Therefore, many shops and department stores around Guernsey are often cheaper than you would expect, although local taxes are applied, along with some possible shipping charges.

Those travelling to the island, either by plane or by ferry, will also be permitted to purchase set amounts of duty-free goods, with big savings possible on alcohol, cigarettes, perfumes and electrical goods. Guernsey's shopping hours run from 09:00 to around 17:30 Monday to Saturday, with only a handful of shops actually opening on Sundays.

Picture of the post office

Where to Shop

The shopping scene on Guernsey is very much centred around the town of St. Peter Port, where big stores and familiar brands await, such as Burton, Marks & Spencer and Warehouse. The best shopping in St. Peter Port is to be found along the central High Street, a long pedestrianised stretch lined with stores and local shops of all sizes, located directly west of the harbour and Esplanade.

For unusual antiquities, gift ideas and souvenirs of Guernsey, head to St. Peter Port's Old Quarter area, where you will also discover some rather exclusive fashion boutiques and jewellers. Nearby, both Mill Street and the Commercial Arcade are also known on Guernsey for their plentiful shopping opportunities, with shops specialising in designer goods, interior homewares and art works.