Guernsey Restaurants and Dining

(Guernsey, Channel Islands, British Isles)

Photo of popular cafeDining out at one of Guernsey's restaurants or eateries is likely to be a holiday highlight. The restaurants on Guernsey are known to utilize the abundance of fresh seafood and tasty natural ingredients, with locally caught spider crabs being a particular speciality, widely regarded to be far tastier than any lobster and beyond comparison. Squid and shellfish are also extremely popular.

The island's restaurants not only serve seafood but also frequently demonstrate strong French influences, due to its proximity to the Brittany coastline. Asian cuisine is also appearing on menus around Guernsey and a number of dining venues now serve solely Chinese or Indian cuisine.

Eatery picture, taken in the summer

Where to Eat

Generally, the restaurants with the best views tend to be amongst the most pricey, although rarely prohibitively expensive. Families will find plenty of cheap snacks at the various beachfront cafes and kiosks on Guernsey, while for others, the hearty pub grub is usually appealing and quite filling.

The largest selection of restaurants and dining venues on Guernsey are based around St. Peter Port, often within the largest hotels. St. Peter Port also contains plenty of coffee shops and tea rooms, along with public houses and lively bars, where you can enjoy cheap eats accompanied with locally brewed ale. Alternatively, many visitors to Guernsey prefer to simply purchase fish and chips from a takeaway in St. Peter Port, and then stroll down to Havelet Bay or to the harbourfront itself for a spot of improvised al fresco dining at its very best.