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Guernsey and the German Occupation Museum
There are some very strong reminders of how Guernsey was affected during the Second World War and the German Occupation Museum is one such attraction. It can hardly be described as fun or enjoyable, but it is very thought provoking and quite an eye opener. I'm really glad that we came. The Occupation Museum is located on the Le Bourg Road, near to the airport.
Posted on 31/3/2008 by Bethany Taysbury

Visit the Castle Cornet
This famous castle has been here for around 800 years and was built to defend St. Peter Port from any possible attack. Castle Cornet is not actually on the mainland and is on a nearby islet (small island). Considering how old it is, I was really amazed at the condition its in - obviously it has been well maintained over the years. Every day and midday, the biggest cannon is fied as part of a ceremony.
Posted on 1/3/2008 by Dennis Moriarty

Millennium Tapestry
What a lovely idea the Millennium Tapestry was and so much nicer than some of the other things that city chose to do at the turn of the century. Each of the parishes on Guernsey created their very own panel to reflect moments in the island's history. What a nice idea. If you want to come and see it, and I would suggest that you did, then it is on College Street, in St. Peter Port, in the old St. James Church.
Posted on 20/2/2008 by Frankie Sawyer

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