Guernsey Events and Festivals

(Guernsey, Channel Islands, British Isles)

Harbourfront picture of St. Peter PortThere is a huge number of seasonal festivals that take place around Guernsey, with events ranging from yachting and speedboat racing and sports tournaments, to jazz concerts and flower shows. Many of the biggest festivals on Guernsey take place between May and September, such as the Morlaix Yacht Race and Lower Pollet Food Festival in May, the Festival of Comedy in June, and Castle Night in July, with live entertainment staged around Castle Cornet.

Other notable things to do include the Guernsey Harbour Carnival in August, at St. Peter Port harbour, and also the popular Victor Hugo International Music Festival in September, with classical music suiting all tastes. The Beau Sejour Leisure Centre also hosts a number of live performances and various concerts, with its Beau Sejour Theatre capable of accommodating audiences of around 400 people.

Guernsey Calendar of Festivals and Events 2014 / 2015

Some of the main events on the island, and also close by, are listed below.