Medical Tourism, Treatments and Surgery in Brussels

(Brussels, Brussels-Capital Region, Belgium)

Picture of Brussels Botanical GardensBelgium attracts tens of thousands of medical tourists each year, and most of these visitors receive treatment in Brussels. Patients enjoy high-calibre care at a fraction of the price they would pay at home.

The Belgian capital may not be a leading medical tourism destination, but it is convenient for residents of the UK, especially if they are seeking relatively minor elective or cosmetic surgery in Brussels. There is, however, opportunity for more in-depth procedures in Brussels, especially in the fields of neurology and spinal surgery.

Only a few hospitals are found in Brussels, but these maintain high standards and employ the latest breaking medical technology and facilities. As competition for international patients is strong, small countries like Belgium have to uphold high standards to remain in practice. Medical costs are low compared to those of neighboring countries, making Belgium one of the most convenient medical tourism options for regional residents.

Advantages of Medical Tourism

The primary advantage this city has over others in the region is its low treatments costs. Brussels doctors are subject to the same rigor as in the US or the UK, and in many cases they study in those places. English proficiency is high in Brussels hospitals, as it is throughout the city.

Beyond this, the city is one of the most intriguing capitals in Western Europe. It blends French and Flemish cultures to great effect and spills over with Art Nouveau architecture. The fact that the UK is just a short flight away makes Brussels a leading contender for minor operations that aren't worth travelling overseas for.

The quality of life here is outstanding, and this is evident everywhere from the recovery rooms to the shopping scene. Patients can recuperate in world-class hotels or enjoy sightseeing in the recently restored historic centre if they are feeling up to it.

Medical Procedures

Patients can avail themselves of a range of treatments in Brussels, but there few areas of speciality. Cosmetic surgery in Brussels is particularly popular, including the subset of obesity surgery. Hip and knee replacements in Brussels are also common and performed with minimally invasive scopes. Finally, neurosurgery has a solid reputation, and many Western Europeans come here for spinal surgery.


Hospital care in Brussels is as high as anywhere in Western Europe. This is an excellent trade-off considering the fact that most patients save upwards of 50 percent compared to what they would pay in the UK. Regular doctors study at least seven years, while specialists study an additional five years on top of this.

One of the best regarded hospitals in Brussels is the ANCA Medical Centre. This is an orthopaedic centre that specialises in hip surgery. International athletes regularly come here for the advanced sports medicine. Installing hip prostheses, resurfacing procedures and hip revisions are the most popular procedures here.

The Jan Palfijn Hospital takes a broader approach and maintains a larger staff. The hospital offers some 300 beds and is easily reached from the city's main train station or airport. A range of diseases can be treated here, with paediatric, oncology, urology and dental facilities onsite.