Medical Tourism, Treatments and Surgery in Singapore

(Singapore City, Republic of Singapore)

Picture of Merlion Park, with the Marina Bay Sands Hotel in the backgroundThe thoroughly modern state of Singapore is a famous visitor destination for its superb hotels, state-of-the-art transportation facilities and first-class dining and shopping, as well as its fascinating history and heritage. Its world-class medical facilities may not be as well-known, but are just as impressive. As a medical tourism destination, Singapore is as good as it gets.

Singaporean hospitals have an infrastructure similar to that in the West, giving medical tourists the confidence of familiarity from the moment they arrive. The infrastructure of the island itself makes for a comfort zone for those patients who may find it difficult to deal with the culture shock of abject poverty, pollution, excess noise or teeming slums that other cheaper medical tourism spots come with.

Charges for all procedures in Singapore run at about 50 percent of those in US clinics, and although prices are dearer than in Thailand and India, there is much more on offer. It is perfectly possible to book a package, which includes the required procedure and a stay in a health spa with luxury facilities, at either end of the treatment, for the same cost of the treatment alone in the West.

Further photo taken at Merlion Park, Singapore City

Advantages of Medical Tourism

One of Singapore's major advantages over its neighbours is that English is the official second language and Western ways and needs are well understood. When undergoing treatment or surgery in Singapore, communication with your doctor, surgeon and ancillary staff is essential in avoiding stress which may affect your recovery, and also in ensuring you receive the right care.

It is easy to get around the clean, structured environment of Singapore, and the island has many attractive features for a relaxing stay before treatment and for a fast recovery afterwards. The city's cleanliness extends to the high standards of hygiene in its hospitals and their state-of-the-art equipment and staff. A great choice of food and a caring service by staff fluent in English ensures a trouble-free stay.

Even the hot and humid summer temperatures are dealt with by air conditioning tuned to the high efficiency levels of the city. For a post-operation treat, stay in one of the upscale spa hotels with wellness centres onsite providing massage, hydrotherapy and beauty treatments, as well as traditional oriental wellness medicines.

Image of waterfront promenade in Singapore City

Medical Procedures

Medical tourism in Singapore is well-established, with advanced procedures available and the needs of foreign patients well-known and understood. Cosmetic surgery in Singapore is a popular option, with highly-experienced Singaporean surgeons using the latest methods. Dental surgery in Singapore offers everything from implants, bridges and whitening to maxillofacial surgery. Most branches of modern medical and surgical practice are available, including the latest in cancer treatments and cardiac surgery. Doctors and surgeons are highly experienced, with many having trained and worked in well-known Western university hospitals and clinics.

The sizeable Chinese population has resulted in alternative treatments based on the ancient holistic traditions of oriental medicine. Some of the Far East's finest practitioner families came here over 100 years ago and are now integrating their knowledge with conventional Western medicine to give the best of both worlds to those wary of totally conventional treatments and drugs.

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The private clinics and facilities in public hospitals in Singapore are known for the high standard of their accommodation, offering well-designed and comfortable rooms, backed up by excellent cuisine and service, based on long experience of medical tourists' needs. The Raffles International Patients Centre also cares for the families of patients, understanding that this aids a swift recovery. This hospital has clinics specialising in cancer treatment, cardiovascular surgery, health screening, women's medical services and much more, as well as a host of out-patient clinics.

The Parkway Group's Medical Referral Centre is an innovative one-stop-shop offering referrals to any of its three top-class private hospitals in Singapore. Cardiac and neurosurgery are two of the major specialities here and the clinics are highly rated with international certification. The Singapore Heath Services International Medical Service is another clinic which caters expertly to the needs of foreign patients. There are over 400 specialists on call in 25 speciality clinics, all of which practice a multi-disciplinary approach.