Singapore City Restaurants and Dining

(Singapore City, Republic of Singapore)

View of Singapore's busy Clarke QuaySingapore is loaded with restaurants and eateries, and you can eat local or international food any time of day. Options go from cheap dishes in street markets and mall food courts, to the very best hotel dining establishments and stand-alone gourmet restaurants.

Chinese, Indian, Malay and Western foods are in abundance in all areas of Singapore City. Most of the big malls have food courts where some of the cheapest, cleanest dining can be had, plus you don't have to tip, anywhere!

Photo of restaurants lining the riverside

What to Eat, and Where

Eateries can be found all over the place in Singapore City. Some of the best restaurants are located in the top hotels, which usually offer selections of Western dishes.

Prices are on the steep side when eating in hotels, while at the other end of the spectrum are a myriad of hawker centres and food courts.

Picture of al fresco dining next to the river in Singapore CityMost of the top-end malls in Singapore have food courts, where tasty dining is available from a variety of ethnicities. On par with the hawkers in food courts are the street markets in Chinatown, such as the regular market along the aptly named Food Street, although there's obviously no air conditioning! The bustling Geylang area is also a good bet, especially for those who have been partying.

Another popular dining area is Lau Pa Sat, right in the city centre, with well-priced ethnic foods catering to the masses.

Image of eateries and shops in the cityThere are also the ubiquitous Western burger joints - McDonald's and Burger King - and you will find they are probably the best you've ever tried. Starbucks is also widely available, along with local coffee shops (kopitiam).

Without doubt, the number one local dish foreigners enjoy is Hainanese chicken. This is probably the best-value dish in Singapore City and can be found in restaurants just about anywhere, although it's especially good in the hawker centres. Hainanese chicken consists of boiled and sliced chicken breast over rice. Boiled pork ribs are also popular, along with stir-fried noodles and carrot cake.