Bandung Maps and Orientation

(Bandung, West Java, Indonesia)

Located on the Indonesian island of Java, the city of Bandung serves as the capital of the entire West Java province and has a population fast approaching three million residents. This makes Bandung the fourth-biggest city in the country, and certainly one of the most important.

Bandung is situated approximately 120 km / 75 miles to the south-east of Jakarta and its metropolitan area is particularly densely populated. The city is rather spreading in nature and encompasses the northern foothills of a vast and very scenic plateau.

Maps and Orientation of the City

The main part of Bandung lies on the southerly side of the railway track, being centred around both the Jalan Asia Afrika and also the main square (the Alun Alun). The Jalan Asia Afrika is of particular significance to tourists visiting Bandung, since it is home to the post office and the tourist office, where free maps and booklets are available.

During the past colonial period, the railway line was a dividing line in Bandung, separating the poor southern residents from the more affluent northerly Dutch neighbourhood. Today, the northern side of Bandung is bounded by the Dago Hills and is filled with attractive residential areas, streets lined with old trees, and spacious parklands.

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