Sulawesi Restaurants and Dining

(Sulawesi, Sunda Islands, Indonesia)

The menus at restaurants throughout Sulawesi certainly do contain some tasty dishes, as well as some rather unexpected surprises is certain areas. When dining out in South Sulawesi, you will find that local eateries tend to specialise in seafood of all descriptions, with grilled fish (ikan bakar) being a firm favourite.

Also popular at restaurants in South Sulawesi is 'Coto Makassar', which is a rich beef stew, made with beef offal, cumin and lemon grass. Head northwards and you will discover eateries serving 'rica rica' (chilli paste with lime and ginger), which usually accompanies fish or chicken. Slightly more unusual delicacies include 'bubur tinotuan' (porridge with fish paste), 'kawaok' (fried rat), 'keluang' (fruit bat) and even 'biang' (dog).

Where to Eat

Since Sulawesi is a fairly large island, the best dining opportunities are spread around the main resorts, cities and provincial capital. Most good hotels come with their own restaurants, while other eateries may choose to only open during the evening, staying open until late.

South Sulawesi

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