Sulawesi Hotels and Accommodation

(Sulawesi, Sunda Islands, Indonesia)

The contorted and bizarrely shaped island of Sulawesi certainly has a long coastline. Many well-placed accommodation options and resort hotels on Sulawesi are located to take full advantage of the views of the Celebes Sea (north), the Gulf of Tomini and the Bandra Sea (east), and the Makassar Strait (west).

In South Sulawesi, it is Makassar that is central to the lodging scene, serving as an important gateway into eastern Indonesia. Budget hotels in Makassar are few and far between, although the variety of mid-range accommodation here is excellent, particularly around the Jalan Sultan Hasanuddin and the Jalan Ahmad Yani strip.

Where to Stay

Also in South Sulawesi is the leading beach resort of Pantai Bira, which is famed for its snorkelling and scuba diving opportunities. Accommodation in Pantai Bira comes in the form of small cottages, bungalows, beach hotels and guest houses, lining the Jalan Kapongkolang. Nearby, the town of Watampone (Bone) is known in South Sulawesi for its plentiful hotels, as is Sengkang and Pare Pare.

If you are intending to explore the Indonesian countryside of Sulawesi's Tana Toraja region, then Rantepao is a good place to consider accommodation. Rantepao features an appealing assortment of small, cheap hotels and homestays, although during the busy summer tourist months of June, July and August, lodging rates are prone to rise somewhat.

Although most hotels in Rantepao don't have air conditioning, guests will generally find that night-times are relatively cool in this part of Sulawesi. As the administrative capital of Tana Toraja, the small town of Makale is also of note when it comes to accommodation, but hardly rivals what is on offer in Rantepao.

Famed for its outstanding natural Indonesian beauty, the Mamasa Valley deserves exploration and the best selection of hotels here are to be found within the village of Mamasa. In South-East Sulawesi, look for accommodation around Bau Bau, Kendari, Kolaka and Raha, while in Central Sulawesi, hotels and holiday cottages reside within the capital of Palu, as well as Kolonedale, Luwuk, Pendolo, Poso and Tentena.

North Sulawesi is another paradise for beach-goers and scuba divers. Hotels here are concentrated at Gorontalo, Kotamobagu, Manado, and the small island of Bunaken (Pulau Bunaken).