Sulawesi Tourist Attractions and Sightseeing

(Sulawesi, Sunda Islands, Indonesia)

There really are some great tourist attractions spread around Sulawesi, including world-class scuba diving on the island of Pulau Bunaken, and some stunning sandy beaches on the Togean Islands. The city of Makassar is brimming with attractions and resides in South Sulawesi, being something of a metropolis and known for its exciting nightlife.

If you prefer to take things at a slower pace, then consider reclining aboard a Pelni liner and enjoying a scenic cruise along the east coast of Sulawesi, between Makassar and Manado. And if you are in the Tana Toraja area, then you may well be lucky enough to experience one of their elaborate funeral ceremonies.

Central Sulawesi

North Sulawesi

South Sulawesi

South-East Sulawesi

Mamasa Valley

A area of extreme natural beauty, the Mamasa Valley is also referred to as West Tana Toraja and is known for its traditional ceremonies and local handicrafts. The Mamasa Valley really is best explored on foot, allowing visitors to soak up the scenery and views at a slow pace. Mamasa is the valley's only village of any real size, where the Monday market is a source of great excitement and a chance to purchase a hand-woven blanket. The surrounding countryside is nothing short of idyllic and if you are planning to travel any distance, it makes sense to hire a motorbike, 4WD Kijang or charter a minibus (bemo). Near to the Mamasa Valley are the attractions of the Gunung Mambulilin mountain peak, the hot springs at Kole, village life in Loko, the cascading waterfall of Mambulilin Sarambu, and the jungle walks around Taupe.

Tana Toraja

Togean Islands (Togian Islands)

Indonesia's famed Togean Islands really do offer the sun-seeking, beach-going holidaymaker nothing short of a tropical paradise. The beaches here are peaceful and uncommercialised, while the water presents plentiful coral reefs and endless opportunities for you to try your hand at either snorkelling and scuba diving. This scenic archipelago is comprised of a series of volcanic isles, rich in wildlife and has a choice of homestays within the various friendly, local communities. On the island of Pulau Batu Daka, Bomba is an appealing resort, with guided tours of its spooky bat caves being popular. Nearby, Wakai is the biggest settlement of the Togean Islands and features some good hiking trails. From Wakai, boat trips connect the spectacular beach on Pulau Kadidiri, which really is hard to better, anywhere in Indonesia. Other noteworthy Togean Islands include Pulau Bolilangga, Pulau Malenge, Pulau Tomken, Pulau Una Una and Pulau Walea Kodi.